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Weird NJ Pack-O-Patches

All five of our Weird NJ patches are now available in one low-priced package! Iron or sew them on your jacket, hat, backpack or jeans to let everyone see your pride in our weird state. If purchased separately these five patches would cost $25, but we're offering the whole group together in this Pack-O-Patches for just $20. That's like getting one of these cool patches for free!

Weird NJ Travel Planner Patch  Let everyone know that you know how to travel the Garden State in style with this 3.5 inch embroidered iron-on patch! 

Greetings from Tillie & Weird NJ Patch – Our 4-inch embroidered patch features our all-time favorite smiling face--Tillie from Asbury Park, NJ!  Everybody will know just where you're coming from when you greet them with snazzy iron-on patch. (Designed by Mark Moran)

Weird NJ License Plate Patch – Get tagged with our brand-new embroidered NJ License Plate Patch! Sew it or iron it on and travel the Garden State in style with this 5 by 2.5 inch patch. (Designed by Mark Moran)

Camp Pine Barrens Patch – Now you can relive all those terrifyingly fun camp times all year round with our new Camp Pine Barrens Woven Patch! Iron or sew this 4.5" patch on your scout uniform, backpack, tent or duffle bag. Welcome to Camp Pine Barrens – Now proudly celebrating (almost) one full season without a single missing camper! (Jersey Devil image by Loston Wallace,, design by Mark Moran)

The Evil Clown of Middletown (Calico) Patch – He’s been a familiar roadside fixture to motorists traveling along Route 35 in Middletown since 1956. The brightly colored clown known as “Calico” has such a beguiling grin that drivers still scratch their heads in wonderment at the sight of him. Now Calico’s an embroidered 5 by 3.5 inch patch you can sew or iron on any jacket, hat, backpack or jeans and let everyone know that you're down with the clown. (Designed by Mark Moran)

Now you can have all of your favorite Weird NJ icons on all kinds of cool new Weird Wear, like Tee Shirts, Girls TeesSweatshirts, Long Sleeve TeesHoodies, Unisex Tanks, Kids TeesTie Dyes or Onesies! All are available in all sizes and a variety of colors. Visit WEIRD NJ MERCH CENTRAL. Represent!

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