Weird NJ

Weird U.S. Volume 2 – Signed by Authors!


 HARDCOVER – Signed by Mark Moran & Mark Sceurman

Because their best-selling Weird U.S. couldn’t possibly contain all the roadside oddities, local heroes, villains, cursed roads, creepy legends, and abandoned places this strange land of ours has to offer, Mark and Mark, along with Matt, are back—proving that the U.S. is weirder than ever!

Enlisting their many resources and kindred spirits from sea to shining sea—and everywhere in between—to bring forth the best, scariest, and most bizarre people, places, and things this country has to offer, the Weird team has once again out-weirded themselves.

For example, how about a university cafeteria that is not only named after a cannibal, but also has an honorary bust of him! And that’s just one of the many strange and wonderful stories Weird U.S.: The ODDyssey Continues has to offer. Take a trip and discover the theme park without a theme; visit the two most psychic towns in America (they already know you’re on your way); drop by the Museum of Swallowed Objects; meet a real-life ambassador to not one, but seven different alien races, whose inspirational book was co-authored by one of his constituents. There’s even a handy list of all kinds of events and festivals happening throughout the year that makes your wildest hometown fair look very, very normal.

How do you get to the true utopian land of Zzyzx if you don’t even know how to say it? Why is there an ever-escalating war about which state has the biggest ball of twine? What, or who, is the Hollow Earth Society, and how many mystery spots are really located in this country?

The answers to these questions, and many, many more, are all inside this here tome to the ODD. It’s a journey you’ll never forget.


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