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Weird NJ Volume 1 – Hardcover Signed by Authors

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Pre-owned book in excellent condition (dust jacket may show some wear)

We here at Weird NJ were very proud of our first book! It’s a full color volume of 276 pages of weirdness that we know you are all going to love.

Over the first ten years that we’ve been publishing Weird NJ magazine, Mark and I have received several offers from various publishing companies interested in having us write a Weird NJ book. Few of these proposals were really worth a second thought though, as we knew these companies had neither the intent nor the means at their disposal to publish the kind of Weird NJ book that we had always envisioned.

Then we got a call from someone at Barnes and Noble Publishing. The woman on the other end of the phone asked if we had ever considered doing a Weird NJ book. “Yes,” we told her, “yes, we had.”

“Would you be interested in having Sterling publish it?” she asked.

“Well,” we said, “that depends. We would be interested in doing a book if we thought that the final product would be up to our standards, and reflected the high quality that the material deserved. It would have to be a fairly large book,” we told her, “we’ve got an awful lot of stories to tell. Is that alright?”


“This is something that people will want to hang onto for a long time to come. Can you do that?” I asked.

“We do not make ‘disposable’ books,” she assured me, with a noticeable sense of pride in her voice.

“And full color--we’ve got lots of pictures!” At this point we were almost challenging her to set limitations, but she would not.

“No problem,” she replied, adding, “there is one other thing, though. We’d like to make sure that the book is affordably priced,” she said.

I was floored, after all of the expensive production factors we had just reeled off to her, SHE wanted to make sure that it was affordable?

“If you can do everything that we asked for and still make it affordable that’s all the better.” We told her.

“We can.” she said.

“Then let’s make a book!”

I don’t think that I need to tell you how proud we are of this, but suffice it to say, if we were not 100% satisfied with the final outcome, you never would have seen it. The book is a compilation of our travels over the years, a journal of adventures and a compendium of all that is weird in the state of New Jersey. There are old stories you may have read in previous issues of the magazine, many of which have been updated and added to. There are new stories that have never before been published in Weird NJ, or anywhere else to that matter. There are legends and lore that are brought into focus and put into perspective. It’s chocked full of the strange sites, crazy characters, odd roadside attractions and ancient artifacts that you’ve come to expect from Weird NJ. In short, if it’s weird and it’s in New Jersey, it’s most likely in this book!

So join us now on our continuing adventure to seek out and document all the weird and wondrous things that this great state we are proud to call home has to offer. It is without a doubt the weirdest state of all, and we should know – we wrote the book!

–Mark and Mark, Your Travel Guides to Weird NJ


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