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Weird Pennsylvania – Hardcover

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Pre-owned book in excellent condition (dust jacket may show some wear)

Praise for Weird Pennsylvania:

“Fun, amazing, and arrestingly illustrated.”  —Booklist

“…a real fine read and can serve as a travel guide for a trek among the unusual, odd and scary parts of our “weird” state.”  —Pennsylvania Magazine

About Author Matt Lake:

Matt Lake's bibliography echoes what his teachers used to say about him: "Lacks focus." He can't really help it. He finds too many things interesting and enjoyable. His best-selling books in the Weird U.S. series hop about from dark history to weird science to roadside distractions. His critically-acclaimed and award-winning articles and books about science and technology show a concision and focus that belie the fact that he also writes satirical poetry and edgy children's books.

Not everybody likes what he does. A subversive article he wrote once inspired an Associated Press review that accused him of "yelling 'fire!' in a crowded theater" and being "just too ghoulish for today's workplace."

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