Weird NJ

A Deal For The Weirdest of Weird NJ Collectors

Sold out.

Issues #7, #12, #17 and #33

We are offering a set of 4 of the rarest issues we have in our stockroom for the unbelievable price of $75 per set.  Unfortunately we only have 12 of these sets to give out. Individually these issues would sell for over $160.00. Get ‘em while you can! Includes postage.

Many of our issues  are completely out of print and available only in ePub versions.

Our digitally formatted publications contains the exact same pages that were once featured in a print version. They have not been modified or altered in any way for our ePubs. To find the digital versions of our out of print issue please search for "Weird N.J." in your favorite iPad and Amazon Kindle apps.

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