Weird NJ

Weird NJ #26

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Demon’s Alley No More

Big Bottle In Newark Still Standing

Chair House Has New Chair

Mary Ellis’s Grave Is Moving

A Guitar Found Signed By Bob Dylan

Rare Bud’s Grave Pictures

Greystone Still Crumbling Down

Wantage Totem Pole Back Up

Mystery Boom In Belleville

Body Parts Sold

Skeleton Under Trenton Home

Body Parts Again At South Mountain Reservation

The Death Tree On The GSP

Jim Gary, Dinosaur Sculptor Dies

Colonia’s Weirdest Resident Dies

Mugsy Dies

Freehold’s Leon Dies

How One Urban Legend Gets Large

Legends Revisited: Tales From The Devil’s Tree

A Weird Jersey State Of Mind

Visiting A Rat Habitat

Alligators In Piscataway

Plainfield Snake In The Toilet

The Reaction To Our Last Feature On Action Park

The Mega Jaws Of NJ

The Strange Disappearance of George Morlot (and Others)

Exploring The Bunkers At Sandy Hook

Bomarc Missle Site Strangeness

Abandoned Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson

Abandoned Cologne School in Galloway

North Arlington’s Diamond Boning Company

Train Remains In The Delaware

Abrasive Alloys in Delran

Rare Janet Memorial Home Photos, Elizabeth

Old Wheatena Plant, Rahway

Mary Murray, The Ferry Along The Turnpike To Be Moved

Weird NJ Featured In The Movies This Year

The Walking Billboard

Cosmo, The King Of Perth Amboy

A New Waver

Underdog Update

The Tale Of Clem Turner

More Mystery Dead People

Chicken Annie of Pine Brook

Johnnie Stitches

HP Lovecraft in NJ

Slobber Bob

Bicycle Bill

Bertha The Bottle Basher

The Homeless Liberace

The Mad Sipper

Flag Rock

New Breed Of Muffler Men Invading New Jersey

New Pole Art on 287

Freaky Frequency In Wayne

Dennisville Dino

Creepy Structures At The Stone Museum

The Garage Of Saturn

Ridgewood’s Permanent Postman

Ar+chaeology: The Death And After-life Of The Pabst Brewery

Weird Artists of NJ

Ritual Drawings In The Bunker

Possession At The Iona Inn

The Black Mass At The Clinton Mill

The Eventide Ghost, Barnegat

Ghost Boy Of Sterling

Uneasy Feelings At The Trent House

Camping With A Ghost

More Cemetery Safari

Bruce Berman, The Man Behind The Gravestone

Burlington Witches

Roadside Suicide Stones

Ariel Strangeness In Fair Lawn

UFO Sightings: Watching The Skies In NJ

More Weirdness About Nutley UFOs

Atlantic Highlands Streak Of Light

Parsippany Firey Glow

Glen Jones On Pork Roll And Some Delicious Recipes For Taylor Ham!

A Fifty Pound Burger In Clinton

The Village Inn, Freehold

More Paddock Bar Memories

Oldest Bar in NJ Shuts Down

The Cowboy Bar, Bayville

The Weird NJ Interview: Fred Kanter

More Weird Signage

The Brasnos Of Old Bridge

The Midget Castle Of Wayne

Albino Lane, Pequannock

Seven Wells Of maiden, Pine Hill

The Curse And Ghost Of Mary Post

Mystery Basketball in Roebling

Bloodvulle, The Devil Dog

The Peek Of The Moon, Port Norris

The Werewolf Comes To Bayonne

The Rose Place Hacksaw Killer of West Paterson

Split Rock Reservoir Legend

Natco Lake has One-eyed Seaweed

Origins of NJ’s Blue Holes

Baseball And The Dead Body

The Road Warrior Of Greenwood Lake

Williamstown Pebble Palace

Mysteries Of The Dukes Estate

Pompton Lakes Alien Home

Aunt Molly Road, Hopewell,

The Bridge To Nowhere in Mud City

Visiting The Devil’s Keyhole

The Gnawed Trees Of Pyramid Mountain

A frightening Experience In The Woods Of Middlesex

Carhenge In Jackson

Devil Worshipping Up North In The ’70s and’80s

The Creature Of Hillsborough

Barren Booger beast

The Ape Man of Atco

The Bigfoot Of Lake Telemark

Family Witnesses A Gray Eating Garbage

Fringe: Abandoned Resorts Of The Poconos

The Missing Jamesburg Globe in PA?

The Oxford House, Long Island

The Floating Island Of Manhattan

Winners of Our NJ Slogan Contest

Weird Classifieds

…and much more!

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