Weird NJ

Weird NJ #38

In Issue # 38


Encountering Weirdness In Keyport

Weird Sound In Old Bridge

The Elizabeth Orphanage and The lane Crashes of 1951 and 1952

The Skeleton IN Albino Village

Memories of Cadwalader Park

In Defense Of Seabreeze

The Green Thing On Burke Road

Another Story From Buttonwood

The Needle UFO Over Edison

Memories of the “Boogie Man”

Weird Religion In The Woods

A 90 MPH Alien

Mystery Thread Of Caldwell

A Weird NJ State Of Mind

Up In Smoke And Under Arrest In Sparta

A Clinton Road Tale Of Caution

Stealing Death In Elizabeth

Flemington Cemetery Vandalized

Bright Lights In Bridgewater

Skillman Village Fire

What’s In A Nazi Name?

Mistakes In memorializing

When Tortoises Cry

Weird Passings: Johnny Dirt and Hoop

Weird Finds: Hitler And Tojo In Hohocus

Jungle Habitat Finds

Colgate Building Remnants found In Hoboken

Ku Klux Klan, Nazi Scientisits, Cold War Spies and The Space Race: All Part Of The Camp Evans Story

The Weird NJ Interview: Camp Evans’ Director Fred Carl

In Search Of Ghosts At Camp Evans

A Monument To Rover

Frankie Lymon’s Tombstone Finds A new Final Resting Place

Mystery Of The Passaic River Tombstones

The Ruins Of Oldfield

Outlook Lodge, Lusscroft Farm, Wantage

The Hunterdon County “Liver Eating” Man

“Silly Vinny” Of Hamilton “Is not A Nazi”

Flander’s Walking Man

North Bergen’s “Weeping Willie”

The Dusk Monkey Of Rutherford

Hard Hat Tom Of Pequannock

An Encounter With A Ghost Hiker

Hooligans And Haunts At Henderson’s in Bayonne

Unlikely Jail Cell Locations

Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital: One Snuck Into The Cookoo’s Nest

Potluck Of The Draw and Porkslaps At Dillon’s In West Orange

The Long And Winding Road: Mechanical Music And Automata In New Jersey

Forgotten Faces Of The Palace Amusements

Strange Sounds In The Sky Have Come To New jersey

UFO Report

Mysterious Lights Above Hamilton Township

The Shaking Cactus Of Guttenburg

The Strange Apparition Which Terrified People Near Haddonfield

The Lossburg Steps Of Weehawken

Roadside Weirdside

More Poles For Route 23

Turnpike Monster Still Moving South

Mystery Bite Marks In Camden

Jersey Skin

…And More!


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