Weird NJ

Weird NJ #52

Issue  #52 May 2019 to October 2019

In Issue #52


A Seven-foot Astronaut on Clinton Road

Insulator House Gone

More Garbage Tales

Pine Haven Memories

Jenny Jump And The “Hanging Tree”

Seven-foot Bigfoot In Franklin

Fire Takes Out Marcal Paper Mill

Man Robs Ramada In With Bed Sheet

Bayville Dino Restored (Finally)

Winslow Display Causes Dismay

Trenton Trolley Found In Hamilton House

Saving petal The Elephant

Hillsborough’s Naked Creeper

Jersey City Statue To Stay

South River Hosts 400+ Flu Epidemic Bodies

Liffy Bridge Origins Are Iffy

Pequannock Carving Found In Park

The Gloucester Diaper Dump Mystery

USS Ling Update

Something’s Afoot In Butler Cemetery

The 2010 Central Jersey UFO Panic

Ringling Manor For Sale

  1. Ray’s Animal Corner

What You Can Find In The West Orange Environmental Center

The Belle Mead Train Station (And Ghost)

A Weird NJ State Of Mind

A Bridge To Our Past n Hunterdon County

Herman’s Hand Come Down

The World That Is Woodbine

There Used To Be A Newark Ballpark

The Goldman House: Art To The Exaggerated

Dead Crab Art

Happily Deranged: The Weird NJ Adventures Of Pete And Pete

The Enclosed Tombstone

The Story Of The Moving Headstone From Bloomfield To Newark

The Abandoned Wasteland of orange Memorial Hospital

Endangered NJ: The Anderson Farm In Bayville

The Cardboard Coated Kingdom Of Paul McMahon

Visiting A Back Yard Submarine

Richland’s “Most Unusual Tree In New Jersey

The Creature Of Cassville

The Sharpie Car

The Cthulhu Shrine?

Yield To Elephants In Warren County

How Come Doilies Don’t Like Us?

The Guitar Man Of Howell

Lake Lenape Lighthouse – The “Singing Tower”

Fleming’s Junkyard: Other Men’s Trash, One Man’s Treasures

“better Them Than Me’… A True Ghost Story

Weird Natural Wonders: White Lake, An Unexpected Paradise

The Art Deco Restoration At 540 broad street In Newark

…and more!


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