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Wall Poster of the Unexplained NOW 20% OFF – JUST $20!

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We are very excited to introduce our brand NEW poster featuring all the weird, wonderful and wacky unexplained attractions of New Jersey!

From creepy cryptid creatures to ghostly ghouls and otherworldly entities, this beautifully designed piece of wall art will keep you coming back again and again for another look. There's even a "Hunt for the Unexplained" game included right in the artwork! This standard 18" x 24" size heavy weight paper makes framing your poster simple.

A Word from the Artist:
A bad reputation is what we have coming from New Jersey. Those who do not hail from our Garden State know not of what watches us in the night, of what haunts us from the dead, of what visits us from beyond the stars. @barcthedog, a Local Cryptid who roams the streets of NJ, brings you a map of Creatures, Ghouls, and Outer Worldly Beings all sourced from scripts found in the archives of Weird NJ. See this as a warning. Join us on the Hunt for the Unexplained.

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