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Forsaken: Abandoned In And Around New Jersey

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We have found 10 copies of this long out-of-print collectible in our warehouse.

This is 162 pages, square-bound and heavy weight stock. Full color throughout.

Photo and text by Rusty Tagliareni


Weird NJ presents

FORSAKEN: Abandoned In And Around New Jersey

From photographer Rusty Tagliareni:

“My interest in the abandoned dates back to my high-school days in the darkroom. Bathed in the red light and splashed with various chemicals, I spent much time in that small developing room discovering what a photograph actually was. It was fascinating to me how an outwardly simple image upon a piece of paper could evoke such a range of emotions. My first outings to abandoned locations were ones of pure aesthetic reasons, I found that there were things in these places that I saw mimicked nowhere else. The way light creeps and slithers into dark corners, the abstract patterns found in the flakes of peeling paint, and the surreal imagery of nature once again reclaiming a place it had lost long ago. After spending some time with these places, I began to realize there was much more contained within these rotten walls than simply "a good picture". There were stories here, ones of lives that had come and gone, events seen nowhere else."

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