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Last Exit: Travels With Death In The Garden State

Sold out.

From the warehouse have unearthed 10 copies of this forgotten classic issue  from Weird NJ.

Hey you: you with that perplexed look on your face standing at the edge of that cemetery over there. Come over this way, and welcome to this journey to Last Exit: Travels With Death in the Garden State.

Why call the issue Last Exit? We thought we'd make a point, combining the annoying tendency that people outside of the state have of asking you “What exit?” whenever you tell them you're from New Jersey with the fact that dying is ultimately the last exit that anyone is going to be taking, in this state or anywhere else.

Last Exit takes a ride through the graveyards, interviews death merchants, visits some looney tombs and relates tales of what dying in NJ is all about. There are some great epitaphs, unusual interments, ghosts, famous deathstyles, forgotten cemeteries, bodies that show up in unusual places...and of course great stories of vandals, vermin and graverobbers—all here for your enjoyment.

Compiled and edited by Joanne Austin and illustrated by Ryan Doan, Last Exit will surely get you where you want to go, but hopefully not in a hurry.

136 colorful pages of delightful deathscapes. Secure your copy today! Be one of only 10 people to grab this issue while it lasts.

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