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Local Heroes, Villains and Artists of Weird NJ

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While cleaning out our warehouse we discovered one box of the long out of print issue “Local Heroes, Villains and Artists of Weird NJ.” It was one of our first efforts in producing special issues back in 2002. It includes your favorite local loonies, visionaries, murderers and the cast of crazy characters who have made our state such a unique and colorful place to live (most of whom were never written about before).

It was the brainchild of NJ artist Chris Musto and Mark Moran. Local Heroes, Villains and Artists contains illustrations by more than 30 of New Jersey’s great artists, hand-picked especially for this limited edition magazine.  At 104 pages with no advertisements, this journal was the largest issue we had concocted to date.  After all these years we’d  still like to thank all of the wonderful artists who lent their talents to this project, making it an extra special issue that we’re still very proud of. 
Artists include Al Eufrasio, Debra Petitti, Tamara Pellek, Nick Lang, John Trumbull, E. Fitz-Smith, Alexander Hartenstine, Robert Piersanti,  Gina Minichino, Chris Musto, John Sprague, Loston Wallace, Ryan Doan, Doug Slack, Pat. James Longo, Frank Viturello, Brian Quinn, Dave Dziemian, Skot Olsen, Tom Mandrake, Rik Catlow, Kevin M. Colden, Mark McMurray, Joe Osterle, Brian Bilter, Kevin English, Ed Chichik, Baron Von Slegel, and Lyman Dally who give their artisitic interpretations of New Jersey’s weirdest residents.
This is a limited time offer, as once these issues are gone, they’re gone forever!

Many of our issues  are completely out of print and available only in ePub versions.

Our digitally formatted publications contains the exact same pages that were once featured in a print version. They have not been modified or altered in any way for our ePubs. To find the digital versions of our out of print issue please search for "Weird N.J." in your favorite iPad and Amazon Kindle apps.

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