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Weird NJ # 1-2-3

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 Brand New Old!!!!! 
Oh Boy! Here It Is – As It Was! For Our 15th Anniversary Only The Legendary Combined Weird NJ Issues #1 Thru #3 

Is it true? Yes! Stop searching eBay! The first three newsletters of Weird NJ are now available ONLY through us here at Weird NJ. This special issue has been painstakingly reprinted from the original copies found deep within our vaults. You can see the beginnings of what would become Weird NJ as you all know it today. This 28-page edition contains every page from the first three newsletters as it was when it first came out in 1992. This issue will not be available in bookstores. Each issue comes signed by Mark and Mark. Foreword by Mark Sceurman. A limited run of 5,000 only.

Note: All three newsletters are contained in ONE issue.

Many of our issues  are completely out of print and available only in ePub versions.

Our digitally formatted publications contains the exact same pages that were once featured in a print version. They have not been modified or altered in any way for our ePubs. To find the digital versions of our out of print issue please search for "Weird N.J." in your favorite iPad and Amazon Kindle apps.

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