Weird NJ

Weird NJ #31


New Jerseys Fame and Shame—Be A Part Of It!

In Defense Of The “Montvale Horror”

Is Someone Buried In My Backyard?

Clove Road Apartments: haunted Or Not?

Jersey City Characters

Not Nazis But Knights

The Last Time We Print The Jet In The Woods Explanations

Route 666 Thoughts

Can Cats Destroy The GW Bridge?

The Pirates Of Pleasant

The Ghost In The Lake At Blairsden

Adieu Albinos


Demon Of Another World

A 90-Year-Old’s Point Of View

More “Thing” Experiences

The Blue People in Jersey City

“Goosey Night” not Indigenous To NJ

More JFK/NJ Connection

More Action Park Alumni Sound Off

The Weird Smells of Voorhees And Deptford

The Split Rock Old Man In A Car With Cigarette Boxes Ghost!

Chemical Warfare Lucky Bag Explained

The Devil Comes To Call

Canoe Capers

Ninja Nervousness

“Choke” Locations In NJ

WWII Ordnance In Palmyra

Skull Found At Old Nike base In Old Bridge

726 lb Bear Found In West Milford

Readington Penny Protest

Picatinny Fires On Jefferson Township

Help The Greek!

Surgery And A Fake Tattoo

“Because” Graffiti Nabbed

Help Gingerbread Castle Get back To Shape

Palace Depression Updates

The Mary Murray Is Scrapped Up

Evil Iron Tree Felled

Albino Village Plowed Over

Waterloo Village Gets Abandoned By The State

The Adventure Ends For Adventure Village

Excursions Into The Menlo Mental Hospital

Finding The Remains Of The Riviera Club In Ft. Lee

The Return Of The “WEIRD EYE!”

The Haunted House On McCurdy Lane

Gotta Eat ‘em Up: More Weird NJ Food Shapes

The Dutchman’s Still Got The Bull By The Balls

Remembering Elsie’s Bar

Memories From Maddie’s Mine Hill Tavern

The Dover Gutter Band

A Tribute To Bottom’s Up In Elizabeth

The Pork Roll Report

Murder Scene Remains Untouched For 30 Years In A Supply Company In Paterson

Finding The Doom Stone

Boneyard Of The Bard

The Bottlers Of Green Grove In Monmouth County

The 1917 Axe Murders Of Mount Pleasant

More Info On The “Empty Baby’s Grave

‘scriptions By Jim Parris

Travels Through Mt. Bethel Cemetery

Lotsa Jersey Skin

Barnside Ghosts In Stockton

The Haunting In Pleasantville

Ghost Woman Of Millstone

Ghost Lights In Burlington

Spirits Of The Old Green Pond Inn

Ghosts Caught On Film At Burlington Jail Museum by SJGR

Ghosts Of The Bound Brook Theater

Haunted Hat Company In Jersey City

Paranormal Voyeurism At The ugly Mug In Cape May

Very Personalized Property In Rutherford and Paulsboro

Weird Signs!

The Paper Mache Man Of Rt. 287

No West Orange Water For The Weary Traveler

Tree Mon!

Roadside Religion

Weird Art In Long Branch

Ridgefield Park’s Road Better Off Not Traveled.

Dinosaur Rock In Lambertville

Tiny presidents Sighted In Long Branch

Fake Lawns That look Almost Real

Weird Pictures With WNJ From All Over The World

An Interview With Science-Fiction Writer And NJ Resident Jeffrey Ford

Hookerman Encounters In Flanders: Being Burned, Seeing Lights, And Horrifying Displays

Biker Encounters The Big Red Eye In Sussex

Triangle=Shaped UFOs Over The Hudson, 1980

The Pizza Jesus Of Deptford

Strange Encounter Along The Shrewsbury River

A Weird Phone call In Bedminster

“Bikehenge” By The Bass River

Odd looking Trees

The Futuristic Jetsons House In West Milford

Gnome Homes In Califon

Weird Rocks At Jenny Jump

The Tie Guy Of Williamstown

The Boob Lady Of Cherry Hill

The Raccoon With The Human Face

The Jerzey Dawg That Talks

And a special 10-page Passaic River section to coincide with our new issue “Nightshade On The Passaic: Letters To Wheeler, New Year’s Day Skiing On The Passaic, Memories Along The Passaic, Entering Satan’s Urethra In Kearny, Along Pebble Beach In Lincoln Park. Life And Death Along The Passaic, Hooper’s Caper: Death At The Great Falls, 1812, An Interview With Steve Garufi Kayaking The Mighty Passaic …and MORE!!!

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