Weird NJ

Weird NJ #33

Very rare! Only a few left! 

Berkeley Heights Alien

Spotted Coyote Poaching

Weird Smells In Spotswood

Mastodon Bone In Freehold

“House” Films At Greystone

The Great Falls Go National

Etta’s Ghost And Domani’s Restaurant

Robbery With Potatoes

Bear Mugs Man in Vernon

Mysterious Cemetery Death In Hamilton

Voodoo In Gloucester

Death By Chocolate In Camden

Finger Found In Brielle

1966 Wanaque UFO Witness

Toynbee Tile In Union

Jersey City Cemetery Update

Federal Hill After The Raid

Watchung Reservation Spirits

The Night The Sky Turned Red

My Ghost Boys Hid The Turnovers

Evil Stalks Booty Mill Road

Bizarre Animal In Paterson

Remembering Jack The Count

300 Steps Not So Mysterious

Federal Hill Hippies

East Windsor Speedway Dismantled

Weird Signage

The Slippery Case Of Oily Oliver

Mystic Illusion On Radio Road In Mystic Island

The Legend Of Bicycle Pete in Ogdensburg

Raritan’s Pig Lady

The Madman Of Glen Rock

The West Milford Cannibalistic Mental patient

Kearny’s Lady In Red

Westfield’s Possessed House

The Dead Walk In Phareloch Castle

The Ghost Boy In The Crawlspace In Howell

Gorgeous Ghosts Of West Creek

Growing Up In A Haunted Hotel In Weymouth

Female Ghosts On The Road:

Ghost Woman Of Pomona Road

Ghost Girl Of Rt. 202 In Mt. Carmel

Ghost Girl Of Redwood Road In Woodbury Heights

Ghost Girl Of East Rutherford

Me And The Atco Ghost

Ghost Boy Of Northfield

An Extra Christmas Guest Steps Into The Photo

Montclair University’s Malcolm Quite The Gentleman

The Publick House Hauntings In Chester

A Haunting Stay In Cape May

The Restoration Of Charles Jones: The Atsion House

A Weird NJ State Of Mind!

Overbrook: History, Legends, Farewells and Speculations

Remembering The “Oakland Massacre”

Weird NJ 10,000 Years Ago

Visiting Mahwah’s Tripod Rock

Fossils Of Big Brook In Monmouth County

The Captain’s Pleasantville Time Capsule

The Waver Of Culver’s Lake Remembered

The Legend Of Ma Gertie In Clark

The Strange Family Of Somers Point

A One-Minute Interview With Larry Storch

Chris Gethard Meets Andy Kaufman?

A Tour Of The Newark Catacombs

Weird NJ Religious Views

Cemetery Safari

Drew University’s Hoyt Hall Tunnels

Bomb Shelter Found In Carlstadt

The Devil’s And Angel’s Caves In Kearny

Hawk Island’s Shack

Finding The Saltz Hotel In Randolph

Jersey Skin: More NJ Ink

Atomic Hot Dogs

The Foot-Wide Pancakes Of Ridgewood

Weird NJ Food Shapes

The Mysterious Cassette Tape Found In Glendora

Strange Sea Serpent Of 1907

Missing Time In Bamber Lake

Weirdness In The Woods Of Lacey

Absecon’s Ship House Sunk

Remembering The Cliffwood Beach Pirate Ship

The Ivy Guy Of Hunterdon

Weird Eyes In Metuchen

Hanging Head On Rt. 15

A UFO Crash Zone In Wallington

Fringe: The Boy In The Box

The Forgotten Child Of Chester

More Weird World Photos!

Weird U.S.:

Chippewa Lake Park, OH

Strange House In Munford, TN

Ghouls In MA

…and more!

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