Weird NJ

Weird NJ #50

Weird Mail, Always

NJ Crawlspace Reveals Criminal Secrets

Man Faces Assault Charge Over Stolen Taylor Ham

The NJ Microbe

RIP Overbrook

Legends’ Resorts, gain

Fairy Trail Vandalized

Jungle Habitat Updates

Virgin Mary Stump Dumped

Unexplained Booms

Birds Losing Their Heads

Rahway River park Bushmen Bashed

Brooklyn Bull Roams Free In Sussex County

Route 9 Dino Gets New Head

Intergalactic Intercourse: David Higgins has sex with aliens, then paints his experiences

When Blairstown Became Scarestown: The Filming Of Friday The 13th

Jersey Ink

Herman’s 2ndHand Waves So Long in East Windsor

Weird All Over The World

A Weird NJ State Of Mind. Two Pages!

The Staten Island Ferry Disaster Of 1963

Fort Monmouth 2018: In The Shadow Of Giants

Abandoned Mills On The Passaic River

The Arthur Brisbane Child Treatment Center

Watery Graves On The Banks OF The Delaware

Last Man Off The Titanic Was Sunk In Paterson

Cemetery Safari

The Princess And The Ghost

A Long Branch Ghost Story

Passing Through Ghost Children on Shades Of Death Road

The Little Man At The Columbus Inn        

Roadside Weirdside

The Pole Monster Of Keyport

Boars Up High

The Old Stone Head

A Crucifix Grows In Jersey City

The Misbegotten Journey To The Clandestine Clam Shells Of Colliers Mills

Strange Byways Around Old Bridge

The Haddonfield Frog Finally Dissected

The Bevans Rock Shelter

Unnerving Doll Tree In The Woods Of Stanhope

The Bomb Shelter Next Door

Unexplained In NJ

The Phantom Rock Thrower of Westville, 1956

The Sounds Of Hell

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