Weird NJ

Weird NJ #40

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Werewolves Of Kearny

The Cincinnati Mystery Meat of Hudson and Bergen

Feedback From The Spectro-Chrome

A Numismatist On The Henning Nickels

More Utility Pole Weirdness

Boys In The North Arlington Shaft, 1940

Half A Body In Farmingdale

Cresskill’s Jesus Lady

A Pinky Remembrance

Experience On Heartbeat Road

The French Richards Cemetery In Springfield Needs Help

Shadow Figure in The Woods

Ghost Flu?

Purgatory House Gone

Pasta Strainer Becomes Religious Wear

Bizarre-looking Sea Lamprey Caught in NJ

“Rob The Slob” And The Wing Bowl

Silver Fox Lounge Closes

Lambertville School Leveled

Hurricane Sandy can’t Stop The Weird NJ

Metuchen’s Pink Lady House Bulldozed

Mystery Booms In Manchester

Dusk Monkey Sighting

The Famous River Hot Dog Man

Travels Above Lakehurst Naval Base
Lakehurst Weird History

On The Weird Road: Charles Lindbergh Jr’s Last Ride

Ghost Image At Alstede Farms

The Elizabeth Ghost

Something Weird In Manalapan

The Hoboken Gate Sale Ghost

Spooked At Gabriel’s Tavern In Glendora

Something’s In The House In Bloomfield

A Most Haunted House In Flemington

Moving In With The Ghosts Of Stephen Crane’s Home

Hauntings And Hoochie-Coochie At The Stanhope House

A Look At Some Weird Trees

Hollywood History In Ogdensburg: Fox Film Vaults

Welcome To Utopia, NJ, The Garden State Of Eden:

Ralston Heights

Dr. Charles Smith’s Fountain Of Youth

The Lost City Of Physical Culture

Properties In Purgatory

The Krueger Mansion, Newark

Binghamton, The Floundered Ferry

Trainspotting in Buttzville

Edison’s Battery Factory

The Essex County Isolation Hospital

Preakness Hospital

Investigation Of The Passaic River Tombstones

The Fantastical Former Farmhouse Of Rt. 9

Wooden faces Appearing in mercer County

Swamp Art

On The Road With Mr. Rust

Mysterious Red Object Over Lyndhurst

Disc-Shaped Objects In The Pine Barrens

Strange Orbs Over Jersey City

Strange Lights Over Lindenwold

Weird Weather at The “Triangle”

Mysterious Explosions In Eatontown

Weird Footprint Found In Watchung Reservation

A New Jet In The Woods Of Jackson

The Plainsboro Grotto

A Cross In Kinnelon

…and more!

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