Weird NJ

Weird NJ Volume 2: Hardcover Signed by the Authors

Pre-owned book in excellent condition (dust jacket may show some wear)

Yes, it’s true. Mark and Mark are back. Back with more: more local legends, abandoned properties, ghosts, mysteries – back with everything you cherished in their first phenomenal bestseller, Weird N.J.

Loyal fans – or any New Jerseyan who’s conscious – know that the Marks have a real affection for the strange, and even spent some time documenting the odd and the offbeat all around the country. Their bestselling Weird U.S. is testament to that. But, never fear, be it ever so humble, or weird, there’s still no place like the Garden State. 

So back home they are, carrying around their cameras and notepads as they venture down roads that no one in their right mind would traverse (something they invariably discover midway through the trip) – risking life, limb, and sanity to bring you, their faithful readers, more amazing tales from our fair state.

This go round, they have even gone underground in order to tell you What Lies Beneath, and they’ve entered New Jersey’s deepest, darkest forests to bring you – what else – Weirdos in the Woods. But some of the choicest bits of bizarreness take place in plain sight – be it the Birdman of the Pulaski Skyway, the Montclair Motorman, or a well-known fun-loving citizen they like to call Miss Liberty. They found time to pay a visit to the Devil’s Kitchen and the Devil’s Pathway, and stopped by the pumpkin house. Always respectful of history, they researched the now defunct but always beloved Action – aka Traction – Park. Exhausted, they spent a day relaxing in serene Sea Breeze.

Even heftier than volume one (does that mean New Jersey has gotten even weirder?), Weird N.J. Volume 2 is packed with goodies, baddies, and everything in between. So fasten your seatbelt, adjust the rearview mirror (maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of Swampman), and get set for a great ride with the Marks – they’re back, and better than ever.


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