Weird NJ

Greetings From Weird NJ VHS Video

Sold out.


Our out of print video documentary in an obsolete electronic media format––this tape is an extremely rare collectible item! No longer available anywhere except here for a limited time.


A look back to the early days of Weird NJ. Travel the backroads and back alleys of the state to see what oddities can be found with your tour guides Mark and Mark. It’s a journey through the New Jersey landscape to sites you won't find on any state sponsored tourist maps.


Included in the video: 


The Meadowlands Mystery Castle 


The Palace Chop House: Where Dutch Schultz got Whacked


Wavin' Joe Of Totowa 


Lawn of 1023 Milk Bottles 


The Gates of Hell 


Demon's Alley 


Hoop, King O' Art 


Grave of the World's Greatest Electrician 


The Mercedes Gravestone: A Stylish Ride To The Other Side 


The Death Seat At The Old Canal Inn 


Elvis Impersonator Ed Geil: The King Of The Road

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