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NEW Weird NJ “Garden State Ghost Guides” T-Shirt

Channel your inner demons or go in search of Garden State Ghosts in our new Gildan 100% Heavy Weight Cotton T-Shirt. Weird NJ has been guiding ghost hunters around the Garden State for nearly 30 years. Now you too can be a part of that guided tour, or lead followers on a terrifying tour of your own.

The Ouija, also known as a spirit board or talking board, has been used as a divining tool by Spiritualists since 1886 to enable faster communication with dead. It uses a planchette or pointer as a movable indicator to spell out messages during a séance.

Participants place their fingers on the planchette, and it is moved about the board to spell out words. Some think the action of the board can be easily explained by unconscious movements of those controlling the planchette, but believers disagree.

Mainstream religious denominations have warned against using spirit boards, holding that they can lead to demonic possession. Occultists, on the other hand, are divided on the issue, with some saying that it can be a tool for positive transformation; others reiterated the warnings of many Christians and caution "inexperienced users" against it.

 Lay your hands on the Weird NJ planchette if you dare – but don’t say you haven’t been warned…

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