Weird NJ

Weird NJ #55 (Fall/Winter 2020)

The #55 Fall/Winter 2020 issue of Weird NJ Magazine: Your Travel Guide to New Jersey's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets. All that is weird about New Jersey that you won't find in any other publication or anywhere else on the Internet!

Woman Rides Flood Through Passaic

Bound Brook’s Pickle Bandit

UFOs In Sicklerville

The Arthur Brisbane Center Flames Out

Hoboken’s Doorway To Nowhere

A Future For Clark Thread In East Newark

Some news About the World’s Tallest Water Sphere

A Covid-19 Compendium

New Jersey’s Largest Pork Roll and Cheese Sandwich

Pig Runs Along Route 9

The Legend Of The Mahtantu

Seeing Dead Farmers

Smashing Tillie

More legends Of Whipporwill Valley Road

More Ghosts At Waterloo Village

Petroglyphs May Be A Coded Message

Explaining Flying Saucers

Bigfoot Smashed My Fence

The First Photo Of A MIB Was Photographed In Jersey City

That’s No Bigfoot Of The Crypid Kind

Animal Horns Or The Devil

I see Orb People

I See Mysterious Green Lights On My Lawn

Dave Emery Is Emeryboarding All Over New Jersey

The Pine Brook Motor Lodge’s Last Stand,

Including O’Dowd’s Dairy Bar, Rich’s Hobbytowne and Game Town

All In The Action Park Family:

An Interview With Andy Mulvihill About His Dad’s Famous Action Park

The Story Of Alpine Eddie

History In Plane Sight At Greenwood Lake Airport

Lost Highway: The Tri-Borough Road Bridge

The Scarborough Covered bridge: Not NJ’s One And Only

Going Underground With Malcolm B. Wells

Messages On The Rooftops

The Blauvelt Estate VS The Wrecking Ball

Strange Unsolved Occult Killing In West Paterson, 1979

Jersey Skin

Everyone’s favorite: It’s A Weird NJ State Of Mind!

Get Your Motors Running For T.R.O.G. –The Race Of Gentlemen

Roadside Weirdside

The Lower Alloways Creek Incident Of 1991

New Jersey’s Roswell: The Monmouth UFO Sightings

The Continued Mystery Of The Pluckemin Mystery Stones

Hans Holzer In New Jersey: An Interview with Alexandra Holzer

The Mysterious House Of Foil

Walpack Environmental Center Returns To Nature

Weird Observations In The Walpack Woods

The Art Of The Dump(ster)

Personalized property: The El Diablos Gatos Cemetery

Poison Art In Stockholm

Obituary: It’s The End Of The Road For Centrailia’s Graffiti Highway

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