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Weird Massachusetts – Hardcover

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Massachusetts and weird: not too much of a stretch, some would say. But we dug a little deeper and found all kinds of local legends, bizarre beasts, surprising cemeteries, and uncovered the best kept secrets from all over the Bay State.

Our state certainly celebrates more than just tea parties, the Red Sox and Patriots; folks from Massachusetts cherish their weird history too. Our brave and valiant author, Jeff Belanger, toured the state with camera and notepad in hand as he waded through cranberry bogs and trudged up the Berkshires to uncover the state’s odd and offbeat.

If it’s unusual or unexplainable or fantastic, and in the Bay State, you’ll find it all here in Weird Massachusetts. See how the world’s biggest elephant now fits into a peanut butter jar and why it brings good luck to students, listen for those unexplained booms in Nashoba, discover the hidden secrets at Wizard’s Glen and Altar Rock, escape from the Sea Witch and the Cape Cod Mermaid, check out the Museum of Burnt Food, or eat an apple from one of Isaac Newton’s famous apple trees—but whatever you do, don’t pick up a red-headed hitchhiker on Route 44. With so many places named after the devil, it’s a wonder we’re not called the Devil State or the Witch State, but see for yourself at the Witch Museum, dedicated to educating the public on what witchcraft was, and is today; for the really daring, unlock some of the spooky secrets at the Houghton Mansion or stay a night at the Concord’s Colonial Inn. Look out for the Pukwudgees, circle around haunted trees in cemeteries, and enjoy one of the longest-named lakes in the world, or try climbing Dighton Rock and unravel the messages in its centuries-old carvings. It’s all here. It’s all weird and it’s all in Massachusetts.

An exciting entry in the best-selling Weird U.S. series, Weird Massachusetts is packed with all that great stuff your history teacher wouldn’t teach you. So get ready to join our author on his great adventure. It’s a journey you’ll never forget!

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