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Weird Minnesota - Hardcover

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Hail! Minnesota for its beautiful lakes, charming towns, and hardy citizens. We have so much that other states envy: giant Indian mounds, the world’s largest Paul Bunyan, and the Twins and the Vikings. We spawn musicians of all types, from the Andrews Sisters to Bob Dylan, and we’ve never lacked for presidential candidates: Eugene McCarthy, Walter Mondale, and of course, Harold Stassen, all gave it a whirl or two, or three, and it’s fine with us that none of them made it to the White House. They gave it their all, just like Minnesotans do every day.

Yes, we’re musical and political, but we’re also very, very weird. We have more strange sites, strange history, and, happily, strange folks than we deserve. And who better to recount all of these odd people and places for you than Eric Dregni, a man with a lifelong passion for the weird.

With notepad and camera in hand, Eric scouted the highways and byways, lakes, streams and rivers, of Minnesota in search of the odd and the offbeat. He tracked down impossible-to-believe tales, only to discover odd grains of truth that will astonish – and sometimes creep out – even the most knowledgeable Minnesotan.

So come along with Eric and climb the Witch’s Tower, toss your hat in the air with Mary, sit right down in a two-story outhouse, and spend a night in Pharaoh’s Chamber or the Space Odyssey room at an exotic hotel. Or you might prefer staying in the Drunk Tank at the Jailhouse Historic Inn. Visit – and take a taste – at the Spam Museum, then go gape at the country’s largest collection of underwear. After all that, relax at the Bowling Hall of Fame. It’s all here, it’s all weird, it’s all ours.

Indeed, we Hail! Minnesota and give thanks daily for its bountiful oddities. Read on. We guarantee you’ll appreciate our state that much more.


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