Weird NJ

Weird NJ #13


Tales From The Asylums


Creepy Campfire Tales Of New Jersey

Roads Less Traveled

New Jersey's Pet Cemeteries

The Castles Of New Jersey

Drive-In Graveyards

Visiting Trolley Valhalla

Greenwood Lake's Flight Of The Gloria: The First Rocket Air-Mail In The World

Al Capone's Summer Home

The Legend Of Mary Rogers And Sybil's Cave

The Ghost Of Runyon Road

Will The Real Ichabod Crane Please Rise

Little Debbie's Grave

The Darress Theater Ghost

Three Ghostly Legends Of Hobart Manor

Black Betty

Monk's Castle

Gremlins Of The Highlands

The Return Of The Big Red Eye

Stockholm's Devil Tracks

It Came From The Arthur Kill

The Jersey City Werewolf

The Evil Warehouse

Men In Black In Randolph

Halloween Hanging At Sparta

The Three-Eyed Man

The Freak House

The Monkey Man Of Four Corners

The Devil's Footprint

The Legend Of The Mary Post Tree

The Island Of Lost Boys

Judge Cropsy

13 Bumps Road Revisited

The Gant Cats

The Dinosaur Rock

JFK's Face In The Paterson Fall

The Soap Forest

The Pumpkin House

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