Weird NJ

Weird NJ #15

 UFOs In Matawan

Skulls And Skeletons Found

The House Of Cookies

1899 Ring In The Topsoil

Alligators In Middletown

Escaped Mental Patients

The Bayonne Rash

More Tunnel Talk

Suicide Goats

Traveling Moore's Beach

Legends Of Ghost Lake

Polaroid Trail Update

Tommy Gun In The River

The Pirate Ship Of Rt 35

Tales Of The Lambertville School

The Legend Of "Buckeye"

Freak's Peak And The Sacrificial Sundial

The Woods Of Cray Park

Kinnelon 666 Tower Revisited

Alfredo's Apocalypse

Screaming Hilda

The Ballad Of Perfy

The Sad Story Of Doomsday

Local Heroes of AC

The Man In Drag

The Sock Man Of Redbank

Weird Woman Of The Meadowlands

Monkeyman Of Bayonne

Ballad Of The Fat Pack

The Amboy Bowler And Phynocious

Remembering Terry Lou Zoo

Adventure Village

The Mick Buck Zoo

Delran's Abandoned Malls

The Jersey City Powerhouse

The Final Resting Place Of Penn Station

The Dover Mental Cage

The Giant Chicken Of Bridgeton

A Tree Called Woody

The Ed Wood Motel

The Mad Sculptor Of Bergen College

The Swiss Court Motel

New Jersey Rocks

Strange Stones From Around The State: Rock Eatum

Chimney Rock

Bear Rock

Whale Rock

Split Rock

Indian Rock

King Rock

Spook Rock

Flat Face Rock

Obelisk Roc

The Giant Tooth Of Mercerville

Bert Park's Singing Statue

The John Travolta Stool

Cult Of The Waving Bears

Weird NJ Updates: Uncle Sam's House

The Glowing Cross

Mystery Pole Artists

Jl Tree

Mini Castle

The Boat House

The Egg-O-Mat & More!

The Fringe Tour: Staten Island's Abandoned Monastery

Ghosts: Sourland Ghost

Rt 31 Cyclist

Beacon Hill Ghost

Ringwood's Black Majik

Mixing With The Spirits In Neshanic Station

The Ghost Of Mr. Budd

Hate In The Garden State: Nazis And KKK Abound!

Federal Hill Explorations

The Iron Door

UFOs Over The Wanaque: The Roswell Of The Ramapos

Tales Of Pig Lady Road And The Hall-Mills Murders

Getting Ticks On Rt 666

Nightriders: Mt Misery

Heartbeat Road And The Hoods Of Clinton Road

Cemetary Safari: The Herman Munster Grave

Heads On Spikes

The Tombstone Walkway

More Mary Ann Prego

Is Christ Dead?

The Website Gravesite

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