Weird NJ

Weird NJ #16

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more iron doors

the satan house

and the catman of bloomingdale

tales from the marlboro slaughterhouse

ufos over bayonne

encounter at button woods

much weirdness in the woods

weird travels on runyon road and the ìkill yourself bridgeî

the she-ghost of gravity road

the ice tunnel of byram

caves of the palisades

manasquan and bayhead tunnels

nutley sewer tunnels

the freak of freak's peak

the strange story of the brier affair

thomas a. edison hears dead people and makes snuff films

the brick midget house of brick

the stone face of dover

the mysterious 300 stone steps of morris plains

hitler's toilet seat flushed out in nj

the boogidy boogidy of aldine

the cult of back beach

cinnaminson's littlest angels

the strange art of montclair's crane park

a tombstone tribute to edgar allen poe

buried in her car

murderer's buried under the lawn

hereditary feeble-mindedness and the kallikak family

easter island head in highland park

the possessed pole of passaic park

ghost children of olbon woods

haunted radio station of blairstown

flemington's motorcycle ghost

mile marker 666

sinkholes in wharton

more phallic foliage

gliders in the woods

the moose tree

a tale of two shoe trees

the pigs of mobus lane

welcome to spooksville nj!

the butler boobs

the hermit house of avon-by-the-sea

dinosaurs roam byram

the mall that time forgot

the sunken house of ramapo college

the devil faced building of fairview

pole art comes to toms river

giant bat attacks cape may lighthouse

a-bombs dropped off atlantic city coast

graves on top of graves

the thumb in the hallway

the last exit in jersey

the tocks island wars

the real deal on the hackettstown abandoned mission

strange sign language from around the state

revisiting mahalchick's 50 acres

the ship graveyard of staten island

updates on: kikeout road

the dover mental cage

nazi camps

the nude dude

the web site grave site

death of the monkey-man

the model home

the egg-o-mat

the white lady tree

the jl tree

major zipper's head

trenton state college ghosts

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