Weird NJ

Weird NJ #18


Ancora Asylum And The Abandoned Village Of The Damned

Ramapo Fault Growing Restless

The Sinister Singing Statue Of Howell

Tales From Indian Cabin Road

The Horror That Was And Is Byberry Mental Asylum

The Baby Crib Grave

The Roadside Space Capsule

Woman In White On Clinton Road

That Damn Black Pick-Up!

Legend Of Cozy Road


Lakeland Mental Asylum

Cooper Road And The Crybaby Bridge Of Middletown

Mahalchik's Locomotive Found

Investigating The Moans Of Talamini Road

Secluded House In Ramapo Mountains

The Ghost Of The White Pilgram

Ghosts Of The Condit House


Projection Room Spook


Sold My Socks To The Sockman Of Redbank

Thrill Hill


Tunnels Under The Streets Of Edgewater

Abandoned Subway Tunnels


Mines Of Franklin

Pop's Weird Grave Yard

Weirded Out On Split Rock Road

Forgotten Nike Missle Bases Of South Jersey

The Tuckerton Tower Of Mystic Isles

Weird Ways Of Worship In NJ

Zaraphath's Pillar Of Fire And The Fiery Cross

The Church Of The Mystic Light


The "I Am" Temple

Drive-Thru Chapel Of Pomona

The Scary Moses Of Ridgewood

Marlboro's Virgin Mary Sightings

The Jesus Rock Of Haldon

Dead Man's Hill

Menlo Park

The Man In The Iron Casket

Rocket From The Crypt

The Tombstone Heist Of West Milford

The Glowing Grave Yard Ghost Of Readington

General Erskin's Ghost Photo

Ringwood Manor Ghost Photos

Phantom Rider Of The Belleville Pike

Ghost Road Update

Vibrating Pole Vanished

Witches Hollow Road


Giant Cape May Bunker

Man Drives To Funeral Home-Then Dies

Path Tunnel X-Mas Tree

Nude Dude Returns

Man Travels Through Time In Plywood Car

Vend-A-Bait Machine

Miss Uniroyal Of The Black Horse Pike

Old Stone Inn And The Ghost Tree

The World's Largest Bush


Giant Martini Glass


Hail Mary Murder Car Found

Woods Of Bloody Murder And Mystery

Dead Doll Shack Of Toms River

Indian Rock House Of Parsippany

Split Rock Troad Artist Digs Rocks

Tom Fuscaldo's One Eye On Paterson

Old Man Bars All Over The State

An Arrow In The Eye

Bags Of Dead Birds Found

Dead Interfere With Interchange

Man Shoots Girlfriend For Saying "New Jersey"

Outhouse Wars In West Milford

Abandoned Drive-In Theatres

Abandoned Train In Landing

Devil's Factory


Abandoned Dutch Church In The Woods

Prosthetic Leg House

The House In The Stream

Abandoned Hickory Garden

Space Town Of Howell: The Final Frontier In The Pine Barrens

Strange Animal Roams West Orange

The Fairton Devil Dog

The Evil Clown Of Middletown

Kangaroos On The Turnpike

Elephant's Burial Ground Off Sandy Hook

Jugtown Billy In The Crosshairs

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