Weird NJ

Weird NJ #19


The Evil Clown Of Middletown

Life Under Ancora Asylum

Tom Fuscaldo's Weird Politics

Coytesville Cemetery

Splitting Heads On Split Rock Road

Lunch With John List

Palace Depression Rises From Swamp

Anceint Graves In Burlington County

Money In The Walls In Hamilton

Green Rabbits In Edison

Cult Caught Stealing Bodies In Newark

Alligators In Brick

Mysterious Blobs In Camden

El Dorado Gardens Of Springfield

Weird Scenes Inside The Collage House Of Sussex

Skeleton Under The Floorboards


The Holy Holy Of Mt. Holly

The Witches Well

Abandoned Essex County Jail

Barbara Hutton's Sand Castle Of Atlantic City

Abandoned Estates Of The Palisades

Jersey Jungle Of Howell

Radium Girls Of West Orange

More Old Man Bars

Yvonne's Rhapsody

Long Branch

The Devil Face Of Boonton Township

The Pebble Palace Of Deptford

The Bowling Ball Pyramid Of Mendham

Readers' Roadside Reports

Russian Graves Of South Bound Brook

The Quick And The Dead Of The French-Richards Cemetery


Partying With The Student (Dead) Body

Mystery Tombstone At Lambert Castle

Missing Graves In South Orange

Lost In The Deadman's Tunnel

Jersey City

The Pattentburg Tunnel

Speedy Mattress Of Mist

West Long Branch

Mystery Lights Of Slabtown Road

Salem County

Orbs In Mendham

Interview With Bud Of Bud's Grave

St. Boniface Terror

Shipwrecked Ghosts Of The Smithville Inn

Suicide Prom Queen

More Ghosts At The Union Hotel


Blood In The Tennent Church


The Circle Of Death At Glassboro College

The Undead At Drew U.

Soldiers Haunt Al's Airport Bar

Backyard Bomb Shelter


Final Wave To Waving Willie And Waving Joe

Route 78 Bunny Bridges

Cyclops Snake Of Woodbury

The Monkey Man Of Toms River

Exploring Battery Lewis In The Highlands

Buttonwoods Nightride

Gravity Hill Of Hopewell

Lunatic Fringe: Byberry Cult In Pa

The Pemberton Wedge

Signs From God

Pemberton Lock-Up

The "Happy Nig"

White Mana In The Woods

The Bamber Boys Home Of Bamber Lakes

Nutley Statue House Burns

Indian Cabin Road Creeps Out Locals

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