Weird NJ

Weird NJ #21


Back In 5 Minutes

The Iceman Digs Weird NJ

Blobs In Little Egg Harbor

Skulls At Archie's Resale

Naked Stroller In Rockaway

Cub Scouts And Skulls

Man Stickers House In May's Landing

The Fate Of The Slaughterhouse

Headscratchers Along The Road

Abandoned: Fish Island


Below The Curtiss-Wright Factory


Farewell To Nike

Missing Missiles In Old Bridge

The Camden County Jail Annex

Armament Museum Closes

A Ghostly Mystery At The Tile Factory In Pasadena

For Sale: House With Coffin (Corpse Included)

The Legend Of Fag Rock

Midland Park's Haunted Hole

Coffins In The Backyard

Bodies In The Backyard Crypt

The Lounge Chair Gravestone

Tales From The Newton Cemetery

Murder In Bamber Lakes

Joe Mulliner's Grave Found In Sweetwater

The Boatyard Grave In Lower Bank

The Middlebush Giant

Meatloaf Comes To Wantage

A Real Dracula Gravestone

The Birdman Of Saddle Brook

Man Gets Buried With His Pets

More Manly Gravestones

Visiting Tombstone Creek In Irvington

More On The Legend Of Mary Moore

Mattie Browns Mysterious Marker In Egg Harbor

House Ghosts

Bridge Ghosts

Ghost Children

Ghosts Go To Church

School Ghosts

Ghosts On The Road

The Shadow People Of Union

Faces In The Wall In Jersey City

On The Trail Of Tam And Johnny

The Black Panther Siege Of Jersey City

Personalized Property: Luna Parc

Living Undergound In Cherry Hill And Airplanes On The Lawn In Burlington

What I Did On My Weird Summer Vacation: Space Farms

Wild West City

Adventure Village And Asshole Park

Death Awaits You On Route 9

The Many Mysteries Of Blue Hill Road In Riverdale

The Phantom Of Cedar Lane

Taking A Stroll On The Pulaski Skyway

Riding Carranza Road

Telegraph Hill Adventures

The Bee Lane Suicides

The Cooper Road Ghost

The Humanzee Of Blackwood

The Frog Farm Of Waretown

Claws In The Pine Barrens

Creature Of The Egg Lagoon

Voices At The Watchung Tower

Remembering The Dead Nun Of Morristown

Sayerville's Lake Of Six Handymen

Fishing For Bodies At Dead Man Lake

Fleeing The Cults At Kips Castle

The Butterfly Shack

Dinosaurs Will Get You In Perth Amboy

Remains Of The Sip ëN Sup

Giant Viking In Deerfield

Demented Clowns In Bel Mar

Remains Of The Diving Bell Of Atlantic City

Seeing Pink Elephants In Hopatcong

The Freaky Tiki Of Rutherford

UFO Drives Down Broad Street In Bridgeton

"There You Go" In Edison

Weird Contraption In Tinton Falls

Bring Me The Head Of FDR

Eat Mor Chiken!!

The Raison Man Of Zion Road

Rockin' In Rio Grande

The Brothers Grim Sideshow At Seaside

Inter-Dimensional Dementia: Time Traveling Through New Jersey And Beyond

The Thing In The Woods At Mays Landing

Encounters Of The In-Human Kind: The Man-Beast Of Flemington And Some "Thing" In Piscataway

More Booms And Lights In Toms River

Please Press 4-D: An Elevator Ride To The Other Side In Irvington

Fabled Places: Deep In The Devil's Half Acre

Legendary Lost Passages Of New Jersey:

Moody's Hole

The Devil's Drop

The Newton Underworld

The Dutch Reformed Church Tunnel In Belleville

Buried Beneath Blairsden: In Search Of The Lost Peapack Caverns

Weirdly Ancient: Chinese Urn Found In Surprise Lake


Weirdness In The Woods: The Hofheimer Grotto

The Gatherers Of South Toms River

The Beast Of Button Woods Dies: Long Live The Beast

Fringe Tour

New York: Bannerman's Island Arsenal

The Submerged Sub Of Coney Island

And The Poor Man's Penthouse

Old Man Bar Updates

Diner Reports

Gone And Forgotten: The Clinton Point Theater

Diners In Belvidere And Middlesex

And Much More!!!

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