Weird NJ

Weird NJ #22


Abandoned Boys Prep School Of Wantage

Bombing Range Road,Whopping Willy Road

Incident Of Possumtown Road

The Sayreville Horror

Shadowy Figure On Pig Lady Road

Prince Randian-Paterson's Human Torso

Rare Cambodian Bird Spotted On Jungle Habitat Grounds

Armed For Gates Of Hell

Zippy The Pin Head Meets Zip The What-Is-It

Naked Sock Man In Elizabeth

Human Remains Halt School Construction

Cherry Hill Race Track No More

Mystery Tree Of Montclair

Ick-Those Egg Harbor Blobs!

Crematory Hill

Albino Village Back In The Day

House In Marlton Sewer

Glen Gardener's Vulture Roost

Jersey Ufo Reports From Newark, Wanaque, Cannistear Road, Parsippany, Elizabeth & Atco

Frank n' Fries In Rahway

Jimmy Buff's Right Hand Man Dies

Libby's Lunch

Virgin Mary Visits Passaic

Jesus Visits Belleville

Locked Down In Eastern State Penn

All In The Family: Richie The Boot

Chumming With Fetus In Loveladies

Weird Stuff In NJ Garbage

Human Organs In South Jersey Tidewters

The North Plainfield Totem Pole

Stockton College's Blue Hole


Thinking Pink In Metuchen

Roadside Robots In Newtonville

Mannequin Fountain In New Brunswick

Attic Antiques Of Long Beach

Sewaren's Rock And Roll Rail Bridge

The Elephant Tree

The Frank Sinatra Towel

Toynbee In Bellmawr

Evil In Burlington

Edison Orge

Tripod Rock Of High Point

Ancient Village Under Cherry Hill

The Pink Lady Of West Orange

Who Killed Jeannette Depalma?

Old Man Bars In Lyndhurst, Clifton, Cap May, Hammonton & Garfield

Cemetery Saint Of Atlantic City

Grave Yard Tower Of Clifton

Graves From All Over

The Crypt Knocker

Cedar Knolls Car Graveyard

Bee Lane Suicides Of Blackwood

Ghost Couple In Sewaren

Batsto Ghost In Window

Ghosts Of Port Colden Manor

Ghosts At Ringwood Manor

Williams Center Ghosts

Fish Factory Explorations

More Inter-Dimensional Dementia

Adventures In Adventure Village

That Thing In The Woods Of May's Landing

Lido Diner Closes

In Search Of The Blairsden Caves

Why The Happy Walker's Happy

Elizabeth Orphanage Revisited

Fencing The Devil's Tree

Rabbit Tree Visit

Goosey Night In Passaic County

More Evil Clowns

More Bonaparte Tunnels

Weird Nutley Memories

Mental Patient Sleepover

Deep In The Swamps Of Deptford

He's No Monkeyman, He's Cuban!

Sterilized As Skillman

Weird Willingboro Mall

Islin Doll Head House

Donkey In Jersey City

Untermeyer To Rise From Dead

Ramada Inn Ram Rampage

Mccurdy House Burns

Colby Mansion To Be B&B

Turnpike Burial Sites

Church Of Mystic Light Vandalized

Reopening Sybil's Cave

In The Bellville Tunnel

Bubbling Up In Ringwood

Lucy The Elaphant Wedding

Jersey Devil On Egg Harbor House Roof

Takanasse Castle Of Elberton

And Much Much More!

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