Weird NJ

Weird NJ #24


Weird NJ Tattoos

O’dowd’s Dairy Farm

Memories Of The Menlo Asylum

Fishing For Green Cards

How Not To Use A Snake

Boyd Pond Blobs

Blue Lobsters

Devil Face Used In Spite?

Moller’s Rock No More?

More Lodi Lone Tombstone

Asses Are In Jersey City

Demon’s Alley Gone

Egg-O-Matt In Horrid Condition

Kill Yourself Bridge No Longer Weird

Toynbee Tiles Also In Philly

Hillsborough Depot Update

The Newest Steepest Street

The Monmouth County Song?

Upsala College In East Orange Gives Up The Ghost

Did Bob Dylan Steal His Signature Song?

Where Bobby Met Woody

Rare Dylan Photo In Newark 1965

Ellis Island Then And Now: A Photographic Journal

Lost Resorts:

Old Mill Beach

Pine Brook Swim Club

Holiday Lake Takes Its Last Dive

Abandoned Maple Lake

Indian Springs Out Of Business For 20 Years

Wharton Pool: The World’s Worst

Mystery Camp In The Ramapos

Belle Mountain Ski Resort

Trenton Cemetery

Pemberton Cemetery

Wander Through Harleigh Cemetery, Camden

Massacre In River Dale

The Gypsy Kings In Rose Hill Cemetery

The Mass Graves Of Paramus

The Eatontown Abandoned Cemetery

All-Consuming Tombstones

The Mystery Of The Spinning Tombstone

Shaking Graves On Rt 15

The Jersey Devil Visits Paterson In 1909

The Legend Of Helen’s House

Hamilton’s White City Lake Phantom Fun Park

The Legend Of The Marlton Midget

Tales From Skeleton Island

The Legend Of Lucas And The Enemy

A Trip Through The Abandoned Newark Subway System

The Mines Of Rockaway

Abandoned Mines Of Northern NJ

Snapping Turtles Crawl Across Rt 280

The Jigg’s Up: One Last Round With Mr. Jiggs The Champion Chimp

Black Panthers In Bloomfield

Wild Panther Of Hawthorne

Monkeys Go Wild In Jungle Habitat

The Apple House Of West Milford

Weird West Creek Home

The Half House Of Trenton

Something Strange In The Skies Around Itt In 1975

Ufo’s Winged Creatures, And Awry Experiments Above And Below Nutley And Clifton

Hawk-Like Aliens Jog Through Montvale 1978

Weird Lights Of Range Road

Unidentified Smoke Ball In Brick

Hopatcong Ufo Glows Orange And Yellow

Ball Of Light In Dover

The Catman Of Roebling

Shades Of Death Road Big Red Eye

The Wooly Thing In Mahwah

Jetty Jumping Jersey Devil

Half-Man, Half-Beast In River Dale

Bigfoot And The Hunter (Hunted?)

The Enigma Of Howard Menger

Blue Ball Hovers In Lebanon

Unusual Aircraft Over Lbi

Ufo Time Warp On Rt 615

Ufo Timestopper On Breakneck Road

Have You Heard The One About The Giant Chicken?

Did Jack The Ripper Die In Greystone?

Weird Trees Of NJ

Jungle Habitat Update

The Coffin Garage Sale

East Orange Gnomes

Gorilla Goes From Golf To Gas

The Tin Man Of Egg Harbor City

Martinsville’s Mystery Garage

Knights Smite In Bloomingdale

Poseidon Pokes Up In Hopatcong

Ugly As A Mud Fence

Keeping Watch On The Wildwood Dinosaurs

A Keansburg Kontroversy: The Kappy-Thummer Konnection

Mr. Bill’s Long Lost Twin

B, Please Forgive Him Already!

Us 13 Buddha Ditches Delaware For NJ

Large Chairs And Vacuum Cleaners

Screams From The Satanic Church

Faer Run On Essex Road

Black Gas Stations?

Mysteries Of Cvatswamp Road

Ghosts On The Go

Taxicab Confessions Above The Viaduct

Abandoned Speakeasy In Bound Brook

Haunted Elks Lodge In Boonton

Memories Of The Wilton House, Hoboken

A Toast To The Tube Bar And Journal Square

The Leaf Lady Of Point Pleasant

The Summer Of Adidas Man

Odd Ducks Of Bayonne

Crunchy Bill Of Lyndhurst

Freehold’s Leon Says Aaaaaaaayyyyyy!

Tranny Tommy Of Boonton

Antenna Guy Of Moorestown

The Cat Man Of Pse&G

Pinky’s Hideaway Gets The Boot

Ode To The Bottle Gang

NJ Freaks: Albert Herpin Doesn’t Sleep In Trenton

Bride Ghost Of The Brass Rail, Hoboken

Basement Apartment Ghost, Martinsville

Ghost Pic In The Graveyard, Perth Amboy

Ghosts Go Bowling In Newark

The Ghost By The River’s Edge, Lyndhurst

The Little Girl In The Graveyard, Absecon

Little Girl Ghost, Bricktown

Ghosts Wear Sheets In Clifton

The Walking Jeans Of The Annandale Off-Ramp

The True Story Of Tommy G. The Ghost

The Bumper Car Psychos Of Keansburg

Ghost Train, Mennen Arena

Ghost Train, Waterford

Ghost Train, South Amboy

Camden Train Yard Byram Railroad Tunnel

East Orange Train Station Still Visible

The Warren County Train Wreck, 1925

The Winslow Railyard

Farmingdale Train In The Lake

Abandoned Trains Along The D&R Canal

Abandoned Speedways Of NJ

Car Attack On Shades Of Death

Missile Car Along The Parkway

Weird Signage

Fringe Tour: Doll Death House, Astoria

Noah’s Ark Being Rebuilt In Maryland

Tales Of The Durham House, Pa

Redeye Road, Pa

The Susquehanna Oil Tanker Shelter, Pa

Bone Trees In West Milford

The Disappearing Enclave At Stokes Forest

Message Rock In Split Rock

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