Weird NJ

Weird NJ #25

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Satanic Sports Symbol Stays

Sinatra Still Singing in Pt Pleasant

Maplewood’s Gum Collection

Dormant Volcano in Beemersville

Abandoned Maternity Hospital in JC

We Couldn’t Save Pinky’s Hideaway

Sybil’s cave Exposed

Stone Living Room Trashed

Fire Blazes Demon’s Alley

Ancora Village Gone

Greystone Buildings Demolished

Dempsey House Saved

Wantage Totem Pole Rises

Giant Chickens and Killer Turkeys

More Dylan Ramblin’

Sanderson’s Antartica Map Is Real

Missing WWII Relics In Glen Rock

Gingerbread Castle Restoration

Not-So-Cursed Creek of Haddonfield

Revisiting Traction…Er, Action Park

Aleister Crowley gets Scattered In NJ

Gravestones At Space Farms

Rose Hill Cemetery

Cemetery Safari

A Weird History Of Finn’s Point

More On Joey Ramone’s Grave

Mercer County Cemetery

The Glowing Grave Of Montville Returns

Screaming faces In Cherry Hill

Metuchen Cemetery Hijinx

Butler Cemetery Ghostly Voice of 1924

Written In Stone

Moments In Midgetville

Abandoned Port Reading Coal Docks

Trapped In The Essex Mountain Sanatorium

WMCA Remains in Kearny

The Berlin Quarry

Rare Picture Of The Palace Depression

Jefferson Township Castle House

The House Of Names In Flanders

Weird Signage

Chatham Is Not Leave It To Beaverville

Johnsonburg Is A Creepy Town

Weird Union Memories

New Egypt Witches

NJ’s Smallest Inhabited Island

The Asshole Park Reunion

Standing Erect in Franklin Lakes

Weird World Photos

Weird Photos From Our Guys Overseas

Bewitched In brick

Toilet Paper Curtains

Plastic Rocks of Union

Tiki Pop Culture of NJ

The Wheel Of Food in Keansburg

The Giant Of Blackwood

Georgian Court College: The Weirdest Of Them All

Petco Ghost Girl In Parlin

Trailer Park Ghost

Ghost In The Pleasant Mills Cemetery

Ghost Hunting Bloomfield Style

Edna Mahan Haunts Correctional Facility in Clinton

Paterson Plank Ghost

Downing School Ghost Boy

Little Ghost Girl Lost in Little Falls

Van Wickle House Ghost Picture

Not The Jersey Devil, Just a Ghost

A House Just Like Any Other Old House?

Flying Discs Over Morristown, June 24, 1947

North Jersey: A Hub For UFO Activity

UFOs Over Middlesex

Wanaque Lights of 1984

Abducted In Vernon

Last Call At The Satellite Lounge, Cookstown

Memories Of The Paddock Bar, Paterson

A Real Piss Trough in Ray’s Bar, South Philly

Miss Liberty: larger Than Life!

Houdini’s NJ Connection

The Man In The Dark on 539

The Weight That Killed People?

More Half Houses Of Trenton

Satan Pic In Lambertville

Jungle habitat Remnants

The Ghostly Pole of the Sea King, Barnegat

Scalp On The Parkway

You Know You Grew Up In Jersey City (circa 1970) If…

A Tribute To peg leg

Matawan’s Man Eater Addendum

Mountain Lion In Mahwah

Three Winged Goose At great Adventure

Werewolves Of Wayne

Wild Chickens Of Secaucus

Elephant Buried In Sussex Airport?

The Strange Tragedy Of The Morro Castle

USS Atlantus Almost Gone In Cape May

The Legend Of The Sinda

Normandy Road: The Most Less-Traveled Road in NJ

Paterson’s Orange Car

Memories of the Short Stop, Bloomfield

The Hot Dog lady of Parsippany

The Circle Grill, Netcong

Hot Dog Johnny Beats ‘em All

Prayer Stone In The Woods, Cumberland

Landisville Shrine Points The Odd Angle

Ghostly Monsignor Of Nutley

Manville Man Saves Jesus

The Temple Of Hope And Knowledge

Blessed Mother Brick In Union

The Green Glow Of Crystal lake

The Bongo Bongo Man of Parvin State Park

Travels In South Mountain Reservation

Garret Mountain Shrine

Abandoned Cabin in Mahwah

The Tiny Town of Key City

The vault In The Sparta Woods

Ritualistic Fires In The Woods In Brick

The Naked Eight-Foot White Man of Laurel Lake

Loading Bomb Shells In NJ: Visiting Former Munitions Plants of WWI

The Meadows Mammoth

West Orange’s Ancient Forest

The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike

Betsy Ross Bridge: Foundation Of The Dead

Remembering Time Town, New York

…and more!

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