Weird NJ

Weird NJ #27


A Day In The Life At The Weird Home Office

Hauptman Haunts Hunterdon?

Naked Policeman

Decomposed Bodies In Waldwick

Mortar Shells In Bridgewater

Mountain Lions In NJ?

Karlstadt Klan Kapsule

Round Valley Reservoir Triangle

The Kuklinski-Hoffa Connection

The Lost Island Off Atlantic City

Doo Wop Motels Make Endangered List

Weird Mail and Reader’s Questions

Jersey Skin

Dear Weird NJ Abby

The Strange Pond In Millville

Pentagrams At Garrett Mountain

Titusville Gravity Road Update

Legends of Kawameeh Middle School

Weird Glen Rock

Capone, Radar And The Boy Scouts In Pine Hill

Mr. Lorenzo’s Ghost And The High Point Satanists

Old Tunnels Of Rutgers

Photographing Marlboro State Hospital

NJ Devil Spotting

Two Roads Named No

Good Bye to Rahway’s Laker

The Collinswood Cross-Dresser

The Goat Man And The Melancholy Transvestite

The Last Waving Willy Photo

The Bogota Shadow

An Interview With Dr. Beard:

Emissary From The Outer World To The People Of The Inner World

Asbury Park Update:

- Requiem For The Palace

- The Voodoo Man Of Convention Hall

- Palace Amusement Remnants

- Weird Beach Tales

- The Last Pics Of Asbury’s HoJos

- Asbury Landsore Comes Down

Gone And Forgotten: The Belleville Isolation Hospital

Gone And Forgotten: The ONT Thread Mill, Bloomfield

Gone And Forgotten: Alexander’s Department Store, Paramus

Upsala College Is Way Down

The Kendall Hall Murder: A Trenton State Mystery

Mystery History: A Piece Of Hitler’s Yacht, The Aviso Grille, In NJ?

Ancient Bronze Bottle Found In Red Bank

A 290,000,000-year-old Rock

Roadside Headscratchers

Patriotic Chicken

Gorilla Gone By Holland Tunnel

What Happens In Linden Stays In Linden!

Strange Symbol In Seaside

NJ’s Most Painted Rock: 25 Views!

Spongebob Is Dead

The 100 Stairs Of Doom In Weehawken

Painted Graves Of Middlesex County

Hazelwood Cemetery Memorials

Glowing Crosses Of Berlin

The Blimey Stone

New Legends Of The Cave Grave, Newton

Memorable Grave Quotes

Mr. Top Hat And Tails At Chapel Hill Cemetery

The Legend Of The Revolutionary War Gold In East Hanover

Halloween In NJ

An Interview With Kreskin: Amazing Weird NJ

Ghosts? The Orb Dilemma

Slapped By The White Lady Of Branchbrook Park, Newark

Ghosts Of The New Park Tavern

The Cut-In-Half Ghost Girl

Ghosts Of Crystal Lake, Bayville

Hannah’s Last Stand

Ghostly Visitations In Mt. Laurel

Ghost Waitress Of Berlin

The Haunting At St. Elizabeth, Convent Station

Hainesburg Inn May Be Haunted

My Haunted House In Elsinboro

The Six Flags Ghost

UFO Stories From Stonehenge, North Bergen

UFOs In Sandy Hook

UFO Over New Providence

The Incident At Strawbridge Lake, Moorestown

More Encounters Of The Hairy Kind: Morris County

Ringwood Fisherman Hears The Big Red Eye

Mothman In Sussex?

Something Big With Red Tennis Ball Eyes In Brick

The Real Story Of The Pink Elephants In Hopatcong

Roads Less Traveled: Booty Mill Road

The World’s Largest 40-oz. Liquor Collection

The Dead Dog Saloon

Booze And Spirits At The Vernon Inn

Look For Atco Jack At Your Local Bar

Newark’s Big Bottle Comes Down

A Tale Of the Spatula Man

You Can Take The Girl Out Of Jersey…

Stripper Collects Body Parts

Revisiting The Weird NJ Wallington Bar Tour (circa 1992)

A Creepy East Rutherford Beer Party Tale

Military Weirdness: The 1944 B-17 Crash Along The Appalachian Trail

The Atomic Cannon

Having Fun With A Next-Door Nike Base

DeVilleroi’s Creek Creature Of Rancocas: The USS Alligator

Weird Signage

Weird NJ Finds

Where NJ Cars Come To Die

Weird Graffiti In Norvin Green

Remains In The Woods Of Clinton Road

A Stepway To Heaven

Rocks Rain On Camden Pine Forest

If It Smells Like Jersey: More Jersey-Shaped Food

Weird NJ Updates: The Latest Info On The Last Issue

The Return Of Ma Moo In Jackson

Fringe: Photographing The Ruins Of Bethlehem Steel

Suicide Squirrels

Kamakazi Turkeys

Snakes Go To School In Lumberton

Weird Road Vehicles On The Road!

…And More!

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