Weird NJ

Weird NJ #28

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The Smells of New Jersey

Meteorites In Freehold

Man Stabs Father Over Hotdogs

Floating Letters To God

Albino Bones?

NJ Woman Finds Mummified Baby

Burger Express Now Turnpike Extention

Johnnie’s Diner

Widow Rock In Sourlands

Tesla Experiments

Suydam Under the Floor?

Haunted Bank in Whitehouse

NJ Devil Hunting

Uncovering The Whoopie Coaster

Chinky-Eyed On Annie’s Road

The Devil Wears Daisy Dukes

Illuminating Being In Philadelphia

Experiencing The Mt. Holly Wawa

I Know Beer Can Billy

Getting Arrested At Gingerbread Castle

Crystal Lake Ghost Girl

Jungle Habitat Employee Remembers

Boody Mill Nothing But Lies

The Traction Park Enema

More “Gnawed” Trees

More Daggers

The Nuclear Chicken of Oyster Creek

Remembering the ITT Tower’s Last Minutes

The Rahway Neighborhood That Once Was

Cowboy City In Farmingdale

Cliffwood Beach: A Forgotten Resort

Good-Bye Fairy Tale Forest

Bud’s Grave In Color

The Wrightstown Mansion

Hilltop Care Center Born And Razed by Wheeler Antabanez

Sheltering The Virgin Stump

Andy’s Antiques Gets Plowed

American Candle Factory Sucked Into Vortex

Albino Village Train Trestle To Disappear?

Good Bye Irwin Richardt

Good Bye Skillman

Nike Still Glowing In Old Bridge

Mary Ellis Is Moving

“Eyesore Eddie”

Good Bye Jimmy’s Haunts

Monk’s Castle Sold

Train Weirdness Of New Jersey

Train Tunnel Travels

The Erie-Lackawanna Bridges

Jersey Central Bridges

The Worst Train Wreck in History

The Strange Boy In The Park

Foamers Unite!

The Mast Of The Malta

The Dagger And The Iron Door

A Lot Of Jersey Skin!

Farting Zones

The JC Metal Man

Hackensack U’s Life-like Sculptures

Creatures Along the Road

The Armless Hot Dog Man

The Buttzville Dino Rock

The Yellow Brick Road Shop

Some Strange Thing In Winslow

Edison Walls Of Mystery

Old Bubbly

The Carpet Car

What’s Yer Weird Sign?

Freaky Finds From 1919

Paganini’s Violin In Tom’s River

Identifying the Pictures From Asbury Park’s Photo Booth

Meet The Neighbors: The Munn Saga

The Most Disgusting People I Ever Knew

Running From My Past by Qraig de Groot

The Coffin Bench Of Malaga

Pretty In Purple in Alloway

The Viking Of Rt. 77

The Amazing Outdoor Train Collection

The Etched Accident Of Roselle Park

Satanists And A Psychic Wife

North Arlington’s Most Famous Legend: The Schuyler Mines

Thomas Edison’s Hot Dogs

The Walkie Talkie Man Of Belvidere

Backwards Walking Man Of Cranford

In The Name Of The Dead

Founding Father Now A Crossing Guard

Of Baseball And Graveyards

The Devil’s Arena?

The Green, Green Glass Of Home

Die-Namic Duos

The Greenwich Horror Beast

The Black-Winged Creature Of 1812

Encountering A Slow Down Dummy

Strange occurrence in Jersey City, 1948

Unexplainable Occurrence At The JL Tree

UFOs in Bloomfield, Paterson, Westfield, Whiting and Metuchen

A Big Foot Is Found In The Great Swamp

Strange Serpent In NJ Lake

Something Weird On Berkshire Valley Road

The LBI Ray Of Light

Ghostly Encounter On Phalanx Road

Haunted In Lawrence Harbor

Encountering A Ghost House In Chesterfield

Evil Lurks In Lyndhurst

The Haunted Phone Booth Of Berkley Heights

Wenonah Is Haunted

Strange Ways To Meet Death In NJ 100 Years Ago

The Weird NJ College Ghost Report

Ghostly Footsteps In Bloomingdale

Great Adventure Ghosts And Graveyards

Middletown Hauntings

And Interview With Murray The Tin Foil Ball

Visiting Mt. Hope Historical Park

The Planes In The Trees In Parsippany

Something In The Woods In Lacey

Abandoned Highway Of Morris County

In Search Of Kamp Kiamesha (And A Few Legends)

The Other Jackson White Meat

The River Barge Café Sets Sail

The Krazy Kat Lounge

Good Bye Pep And Walt’s Tavern

Fireside Steakhouse Gets Burned

A Train Bridge To Nowhere: PA’s Kinzua Viaduct

The Devil’s Hole

Letters From The Fringe

…and More


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