Weird NJ

Weird NJ #30

Weird NJ Is Being Stalked By Sissies

Tommy Sullivan Had All The Trappings

Dead Body And Hilltop

More On The Headless Pilot

Wavin’ Joe From Heaven

Jersey Devil Berry and Passaic River Punch

A Note From Harry De LaRoche

The Mason Dixon Line And New Jersey

The Prince Of Soul

Partying At Laurel Grove

Letters From Grandma Squirrel

Hartshorn Woods Explanation

Defining A Foamer

Weird From Above

Snake Hill Brings Bad Memories

U Boat In The Hudson?

Winkelmann’s Bell Info

Will My Kids’ Hands Turn Into Hams?

“Flight 19” Family Member Responds

Goosey Night Is Only In NJ

Smell This New York!

Jacko In Jersey

McGuire AFB and The Alien

Terroristic Gum

Westfield Gator

When Bears Break In

The Devil’s Mummy?

Heathcliff The Traveling Cat

Eels, Frogs And Turtles

Hitler Of The Corn

Shoes On Power Lines

Mayor Of Paramus Gets Weird

Good-Bye Metropolitan Hotel

Tooth Through The Roof

Bad Uses For Mercury

Mary’s Tower Toppled

Whoopie In Pinebrook

Squirrels On The Plate Again

More Red Tape At Sybil’s Cave

Greystone Going Down

Weird Goes Around The World: 19 Entries!

Darkness Falls On Albino Village

Visiting The Cape May Bunker

Skillman One Last Time: A Photographic Journey

River Edge’s Spook Bridge

Tales Of Seaton Hackney

Sparta’s haunted Mortgage Company

The Blue Devils Of Glen Rock

Secret Airplane Hangar in N. Jersey Mountain?

The Jet In The Woods Identified And A photo The Day It Happened

The NJ Devil In Design

Tales Of Fort Grumpy: Remains Of The TA Gillespie Munitions Factory

Remembering Atlantic City: America’s Playground

Something’s Fishy In New Jersey:

Mutant Fish In Avalon

Giant Fluke In Shrewsbury

Bubbles Of Cyrstal Lake

Flipper In The Dumps

Menhaden and Port Monmouth’s Fabled Fish Factory

Lake Hopatcong’s Water Creature

Finding A Chemical Warfare Lucky Bag Off Perth Amboy

NJ’s Most Ugliest Dog

NJ Shapes In Cut’s And Bruises

Sharing Some Universal Thought Liquid With Riley Martin

“The Image” in Wall Township

Rocks In Glen Rock

Weird Bus Stop

The Off Road Retards

Crazy Signs: You Figure Them Out

The Pole Creature Of Point Pleasant

More Tillie Sightings

Wooden Devil In Hunterdon County

Monsters, Music And Murder: The Horror Of Party Beach, The Del-Aires

and The Angel Lounge killings of Lodi, 1963

More Jersey Skin

The Weird Eye column

The Mystery Of “Because”

The JFK Assassination And The NJ Connection: The Curious Tale Of Elizabeth Cole

The Legend Of Commander USA’s Groovie Movies

The Dutch Boy Was From Montclair

The Chew Man

Pull ‘Em Up Artie

The Barefoot man Of Mount Tabor

The yellow Slickerman Of Secaucus

The Spy House attracts UFOs and Ghosts

Pirates Of Island Heights

UFO Sphere In Point Pleasant 1987

The Lost Valley House Of Ghosts

Paterson Ghost Suicide Victim

A Haunting In Belford

Bop ‘Til You Drop: Tripping The Eternal Light Fantastic In NJ

Dark Entities Lurk In NJ: Close Encounters Of The “Thing” Kind

A Mothman Flap In NJ?

The Green Man In Elizabeth, 1966

The Dark Figures Of Marlboro

Weird NJ Food: More Shapes Of Foodstuffs That resemble The Garden State

Gloucester City: The Birthplace Of Rock and Roll?

The legend Of Charlie Blood

Where The NJ Devil Went To Drink

The Ghost Of Bubba At The Memphis Pig Out

Fringe Tours: The Little Boy Who Was Afraid Of The Dark,

Weirdness Along The Delaware,

The Best Dam Town By A Site,

Zbill Balls Along The Skuykill,

Roadside Memorial To Roadkill,

Stemie’s Residnet Gangster Ghost,

Shadow People At Waverly Sanatorium,

Letters From The Fringe

…and Much more!

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