Weird NJ

Weird NJ #35


Having a “Weird NJ Moment”

Snake Hill Memories

Elizabeth Orphanage Days

Causeway Closed

Vile Graffiti Update

F4 Phantom Crash In Manasquan

Paranormal Tales from FDU

The Ghostly Creature Crapper Caper

Remembering Olga’s Diner

Losing Time On Old Mine Road

The Atco Ghost Legend

The Satanic Cults Of Old In Vineland

The Weird Eye

NARK Graffiti Artist Arrested

A Vile Billboard In Newark

Woman Wants To Weigh 1000 Pounds

Mooving Cows

Weird Stuff Washes Up On Shore

Bad Eggs In Cemetery

Large Tubes In The Skies Of Somerville

Napoleon’s Member In Bergen County

A Coffin In The Scrap Metal
Mr. Conklin’s Ghost

At Koz’s Corner

Egg-O-Matt Update

NJ Agriculture Museum Has A Curious Collection

Remembering The Jefferson Airplane At Upsala College, 1968

Laughing Soup Dish At Bud’s Grave

NJ’s First Robot Recording

The Little Girls Of Rosedale Cemetery

Photos Found Of The Poe Grave In Trenton

West Paterson’s Grave Situation

The Changing Face Statue In Camden

Jennifer Rose In The Graveyard

The Floating Shadow Of The Watershed

A Haunting In Riverdale

Spooks Infesting South Orange, 1889

The Ghost Dog In The Cemetery

The Ghost Horse Of Wayne

Casino Chills In Asbury Park

Evil Comes To Wayne

The Man In The White Trenchcoat

McGuire AFB Noises

The Haunted Alpine Woods

The Hell Hole’s Unholy Tales

The First Steampunk Of Newark

Cumberland County’s “Murder Lane”

The Missing Lindbergh Money May be Buried In Summit

An Unsolved Murder In Timbercrest

The Murder Site Of Mingo Jack In Eatontown

Who Really Killed Charley—And Why?

Wheeler And X. Ray Burns Visit The Bat factory In Kearny

More Shapes That Look Like New Jersey

The Bonnie Burn/Runnels Sanatorium

More Jersey Skin

Attracting Aliens In Ringwood

The Jesus Bus

The Quote House

“The Ladybird Special” Found In Wayne

The Castle Of Vineland

Weird NJ Signage

Pirates And Buried Treasure Along The NJ Coast

Check Out “The Gibbet Iron”

Cannon From the Rt. 35 Pirate Ship Surfaces

The Granny Pants Tree

The Stone Head Of Alexander Hamilton

Mailboxes Of Mystery

Heads In The Woods

Homes Of Future Past
The Statues At Duke

A New Breed Of “Homo Sapien” In Asbury Park

Cherry Hill’s Dino

Something Fishy In Wildwood

The Face In The Tunnel In Harmony

The Wantage Incident: The Big Red Eye Sightings From ’75-’79 Revisited

Talking With Park Rangers At High Point State Park

Weird Noises At The Delaware Water Gap

Capturing Something On Film At The Deserted Village

Magnetic Stars By McGuire

Radio Towers In The Sky

Long Branch UFO caught on Film

Fireball Over Kearny, 1965

Triangle Spotted Over Woodstown

UFOs Over Alloway

The Mysterious Pine Barrens Zig-Zag Zone

A Strange Experience In The Bronx, 1951

Weird Around The World

Brooklyn’s Birdhouse House

Zombies Walk In Asbury Park
…and more!


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