Weird NJ

Weird NJ #36


The Stuff Weird NJ Legends Are Made Of

A Guinness World Record For NJ Zombies

A Strange Post On Craigslist

Jesus And The GPS

The Mystery Falling Man Of Egg Harbor

Bayonne UFOs

Portal To Hell In Union?

The Kearny Llama

Missing Moon Rocks

Holmdel Cemetery Dismantled

Gilded Age Columns Discovered In Morristown

Serial Deer Stacker Stalks Morris County

No Peeing In Galloway

Delbarton’s Lost City Lost For Good

Greenwich Futuro Update

NJ Resident Claims Bigfoot Footage

Middletown’s Evil Clown Now On T-Shirts

Underdog Update

More Mishaps On Clinton Road

Paulinskill Viaduct Vaulted

13 Bumps Road Shaved

Grave Robbers In Middlesex

Overbrook Almost Over

Barnegat Windmill House Dweller

Weird Mail

Mystery Blob Of Ringwood

Letters From The Weird U.S.

Weird Sounds In Washington Township

A Weird NJ Quilt!

The Strange Toy Camera

Unknown Woman Of Rahway Now A Book

ORBS? Fuji Film Bursts The Ghost Bubble

Tales From Purgatory Road

The Strange Little Baby Of Runyon Road

Mystery Misery Bones

Freehold’s Burke Road Is Creepy

Chased By Something Hairy on Mt. Misery Road

Greetings From 240 Miles West Of Asbury Park

JT’s Play Zone

The Electrician’s Weird Encounters

Ghostly Footsteps At Eastern Penn

The USS NJ Holds The Ghosts

The Haunted String Of Zion Mountain

The Little Liberty Boy

The Old Man Ghost Of Walker street in Cliffside Park

The Haunted National Park In Gloucester

The Ghost In The Banquet Hall

A Bizarre Dream From Coasttocoastam

Lights At The Ford Mansion

The Ghost In Garfield

The Haunting Of Collins House

Morris Canal Ghosts In Bloomfield

Nathaniel White’s Farmhouse Of Horrors

Cuban Troops Plan For Island Invasion In Warren County

Jersey Skin

Hollow Hilltop: The Last Tunnel On The Mountain

Entering The List House The Night The Murders

Riverside Graveside

The Tri-State Marker At The Laurel Grove Cemetery

‘scriptions By Jim Parris

The Legend Of Wolf’s Tomb

Fringe Touring With The Shore Paranormal Research Society: Pennhurst

Weird Food, NJ Style

The Ladies Of Clinton Reservoir

Flushing Out The legend Of Hitler’s Toilet Seat

A Figurehead in Jersey City

The Thing In Pershing Field Park

A Rare Tree In Ringwood

The Knight Of Frenchtown

Running Wild On Paterson Plank Road

The Four Seasons Along Rt. 23

Weird Signage

Ancient Canals In NJ?

Old Man Bar: The Anchor Inn, Elizabeth

A Weird NJ State Of Mind

Meet The Fifth Beatle Right In NJ: Andy White

Witnessing The White Figure Of Forge Pond Road

Many Yellow Lights Over Asbury Park

Richfield Boomerang UFO

Lights In Hillsborough

Silvery Object Over Vineland

The Tom’s River Sideways Lights

Strange Object In Marlton

High Flying Something Over Pompton Lakes

Black Object Over Elizabeth

The Maple Shade Saturn Shape

Low-Flying Craft In Southern NJ

Weird Wide Jet Stream And Object Over Newark

A Bigfoot In Huber Woods?

Encountering Lights At Jenny Jump State Forest

Coming Face To Face With A Big Hairy Creature In Somerset

…and more!  



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