Weird NJ

Weird NJ #37

 Mercury Days of Bloomfield

Finding Father Divine's Place

Wanaque UFO Sighting in ’88 and ’94

The Crazy Sleepover

The Women of Midgetville?

The Cosmic Bi-Polar Vortex Of Rt 3

Beb’s bar In Newark

Weirdness In Franklin

Woodbridge Figures Found In An Irvington Junk Store

Panties Purloined In Netcong

Getting Dopey In Dover

Toynbee In Blackwood

Meteor Dents Lawn in Basking Ridge?

Graveyard Sex Can Hurt You

Strange Rituals In Clark

Chimp Faces are Everywhere

Loose Baboons In Jackson

Lightning Jinx In Hammonton

Lightning Strikes Lucy

Palace Depression Update

JT’s Playzone Update In West Orange

Weird NJ Signage

The Deserted Desert In Vineland

More Of Skillman Demolished

Ringwood Manor Robbery

Touring The Haunted Union Hotel

Ghost Stories From The Union Hotel

Haunting On East Stafford Ave. In Laurel Springs

The Angel In The Backyard

The Union Beach Ghost

Southern Mansion Apparition in Cape May

The Little Ghost Boy Of S. Klein

Ghost Soldiers Of Gettysburg

The Old Man Ghost In The Cardigan

Endangered In NJ: The McCloughan/Runkle Estate and the Albert Hoffman House

Some Creepy Statues From Jennifer Rose

Meeting The Dead Mr. Bowne

Death Greets Many Who Come To Newark’s Woodland Cemetery

Touring The Cemeteries Of Newark

Man Out Of Time And Place: Francois

Asbury Park: Looking Toward The Past

Found Photos Of Mahalchik’s 50 Acres

Finding the Mountainside Monoliths

A Metal Dragon In Piscataway

Edison’s Lovely Little Monsters

The Good Doctor And His Hospital Of Horrors

Henry Cotton And His Desperate Remedies

New Jersey Skin And Ink

Visiting Family Island Fun Park In Wildwood

Remembering Uncle Bill’s Cabin In Washington

The Ax Murderer’s Bridge In Brainards

Maplewood’s Wall Of Gum

The Mummy Of Westville

Homemade Homages to 9/11

On The Trail Of The “Profane Poet”

Revisiting The House Of Pain

The Carved Stone of Little Falls

The Knight Marsh of Wildwood

A Vine Monster Grows In Paterson

The House Of Dishes In Elizabeth

The Leeds Point Leprechaun

The Frightful face Of Middletown

A Monster With Horns in 1888

The Big Red Eye Is Back In Town

A Close Encounter Over The Rancocas River

A Triangle Over New Brunswick

Long Skinny and Faceless On Clinton Road

A Mysterious Photo In Lambertville

An Up Close And Personal Encounter With The Jersey Devil, 1959

Goodbye To Johnny Dirt

Fringe: The Buck Hill Inn: Haunted Or Hoaxed

…and more!


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