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Weird NJ #42

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In Issue #42

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEW JERSEY! Our home state is 350 years old this year, and we tell you why New Jersey is the weirdest state in the union!

The Great Notch Inn and the Naked Old Man

Another Babe Ruth Story

The Thermal Vacuum Chamber

Weird NJ on top of Kilimanjaro

Disgusted About Pennhurst

Tour Blairsden legally?

Weird California is Hogwash

The Ghost of Willie DeVille in Keyport?

Nothing Too Weird On Igoe Road

Memories of Legends Resort

The Rise of Action Park

The Fall of Greystone

Couple Dies 32 Hours Apart

Greek’s Playland Open Again

UFO’s in Cumberland

A Rude Nude Dude in Irvington

Camel Picks Winning NFL Games

The “Squaids” Hoax

Hitler’s Toilet Travels

Byram’s Big Footprints Appear Again

Pitman’s Holiday Billboard Wars

No Treasure In Jersey City

A Free Diner in Lawrence

Porky, a 500 lb Pig Escapes The Slaughterhouse

Neo-Nazi Naming Nut Reichs Again

Pau Fish in Passaic Nibbles Testicles

World’s Ugliest Dog Dies in Sewell

Roger of Pompton Lakes Dies

Unexploded Ordnance in Little Ferry

Radio History in Tuckerton

Rolling Thunder at Great Adventure Retires

Headless Chickens in Hazlet

Padlocks on Fences Explained

A Lizard Found In A Lung in Lafayette

More Things in the Shape of New Jersey

Monmouth County Through Time and Photos

The House of Secrets in Aberdeen

Voodoo in the Pine Barrens

Voodoo On The Passaic

Greetings From Tent City, NJ

Unfriendly Skies: The Day A Plane Hit The WOR Radio Tower

Death From The Skies: 1951 Plane Crash in Elizabeth

The Plane Crash in Ringwood, 1966

Hanover airport Receding To Nature

The Stranger And The Trenton State Murder of Sigrid Stevenson

One More Piece in the Morro castle Puzzle

Mysterious Death Of The Dean: Mabel Douglass

Searching for Amelia Earhart in NJ

Weird Adventures at Snake Hill, 1959

Found In NJ: Stone Heads, Six Flags Shirts and Garage Sale Treasures

What’s Weird In Your Town?: Riverside, Spotswood, Paramus, Kearny, Hawthorne, Helmetta, Mt. Holly, Boonton, Westville, Roselle, Jackson, Lopatcong, Botny Village, Bivalve, Runnemede and Newton

A Summer’s Journey From The Deepest South Jersey

Great Weird NJ Signage

A Haunted Forge At Split Rock?

The Bulltown Glassworks House

Jersey Skin!

Haunted Strip Clubs and Terrorist Geese in Central Jersey

The Buried Train of Lower Township

The C&S RR Bridge In Roseland

Rusting ‘Critters” In Clifton

Elmwood Park’s Phantom Train Rider

Winslow’s Got The A (Abandoned) Trains

Old man Beer Night At The Liberty tavern

The Krazy Kat Bar in Deptford: R.I.P.

Old Asbury Park bar and lounge Postcards

The Hamilton Horror

Indian Ghost legends

I Met The Jersey Devil

Bigfoot Clipping from Sussex County

Dark Objects in Rumson

Bright Orbs In Moorestown

Buena Pyramid

Franklinville Triangle

The Strange Light Show At The Great Falls in Paterson

Incident Over Dunellen, 1958

Aliens Spotted in Woodbridge

Pen-Shaped Object in the Sky in Bloomfield

Trenton Man gets Workmen’s Comp For being zapped By A UFO, 1956

Penance In Pennsauken: Central Elementary School

The Anchor Glassworks in Aberdeen

The AT&T Ship-To-Shore Station Faces Uncertain Future

The Lodi Mystery Faces

Roadside Weirdside!

The Making Of “Woody Guthrie’s Wardy Forty”

City Gardens Now An Oral History

Fringe: Abandoned Love At Penn Hills Resort

…And More!


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