Weird NJ

Weird NJ #43


In Weird NJ #43:

weird news

a pilgrimage to birdville

a strange little castle

a dome in the pines

a long forgotten cemetery

mysteries of the green light cemetery

the story of maud munn

ghosts of marlboro

haunted in the northwest corner

the ghost and legend of hatchet annie

legends and history mix with the spanish mansion

weird signage

remembering the devil’s tea table

rescuing jungle habitat

more weird magick

lefy wiseman the hookerman of buttzville

westfield’s charles addams

in the godfather’s garden: the life and times of richie “the boot” boiardo

roadside weirdside

visiting greek’s playland

the king of the sand castles 

The headless hessian of basking ridge

the dead river witch

local legends

riding through buttonwoods, 2009

exploring the cow tunnels of medford

visiting the butler underbridge

the middletown wolf attack, 1927

remembering gravity and thrill hill in holmdel

mystery tracks in the pine barrens

the shrewsbury sea serpent

all roads lead to charlie bloods in garfield

jersey skin

unexplained happenings in weird nj

fringe: fort mifflin ghosts and hauntings

…and much more!

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