Weird NJ

Weird NJ #45

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In issue #45:

A Parkway Ghost Story

Mr. Bill Gone Again

Where Is The Titanic Plant?

Georgian Court Tunnel Stories Were Made Up

Northumberland Way

An Editorial About The Ramapoughs and Weird NJ

Man Hides Under the Bed for 3 Days

Action Park’s Record-breaking Water Slide

Greystone Gone

Alligators In The Passaic

A Testicle Munching Fish In Delran

The Westfield Watcher

More On The Devil’s Hole In Cedar Grove

Bacon Assaults Sausage Eater

The Never Ending Battle Of Trenton (Pork Roll)

Bayville Dinosaur Gets Restored

Callico The Evil Clown Is Still Alive

Edison’s Little Monsters Speak Out

Alexander’s Mural Update

More Babe Ruth Hangouts

More Jersey Skin!

The Mantis Man Of The Musconetcong And Other Mysteries

A Mantis Humanoid in Greenville SC

A Jersey Devil Encounter in the Late ’60’s

Otherworldy Being In A Night Club, 1984

An Alien Encounter In Upper Saddle River, 1983

Alien Visitations in Harvey Cedars

UFOs In Atlantic City

Green Neon Craft Over The Parkway

The Legend Of Lamb Legs In Millville

Black Triangles Over New Jersey: A Full Report

Flying Human-like Creature In Cherry Hill

Flying Human-like Creature in Buena Vista

The Photography of Cheryl Jackson

Dr. Leitman’s Waiting Room Of Weirdness

The Haunting Of White Hill House

The Ghosts Of Balm Hollow

Menephra Still haunts The Kearny Rescue Squad

Ghost In The Harimus Cemetery

The Back Steps Footprints

A Noose hangs ‘round The Devil’s Tree

Weird Signage

Human Walking M,onkeys In Alpine

Remembering ‘The Ark’

Grounds For Sculpture

Gruesome Deaths Came fast And Furious At The Nutley Velodrome

Ghosts Ships Of The Arthur Kill

Bigfoot Roams Route 46

Travels On Mott’s Creek Road

The Verona ‘Watchers’

Talkig Radio And The Sounds Of New Jersey With Bernie Wagenblast And X. Ray Burns

The Route 9 Dinosaur Speaks Out

Strange Statuary At Fairleigh Dickenson University

A Weird NJ State Of Mind

Weird Music Scenes From The Garden State:

Underage At The Upstage In Asbury Park

Before The Upstage

Paint It Black You Jersey Devil

The Last Inside Photos Of City Gardens In Trenton

An Abandoned Record Pressing Plant In River Edge

The Last Remains Of The Satellite Lounge In Cookstown

Fringe NY: The Morbid Anatomy Museum In Brooklyn

Fringe PA: St. Nicholas, King Of The Crushers

…and MORE!


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