Weird NJ

Weird NJ #46

And we're back!

The Most Incredible, Fantastic, Astounding And Eye-Opening Stories You Must Read If You're From New Jersey!

In Issue # 46:

Weird Mail From All Over

Sonic Shakeup In South Jersey

Fairlawn is Booming

Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse

Dinos Dig Mantua

The Parkway Petting Zoo

Morristown Man Sends Signs

Middlesex County Ordnance

Bumbo The Clown

Dog tombstone Makes Its Way To Nutley

Bringing The Abandoned Back To Life: Bloomfield’s “South” Junior High School

Trailblazer In A Blazer: Mike Helbing’s Journey’s Around NJ

The NJ Border Line War

A Weird NJ State Of Mind

The Truth About Mosquito Ditches

Roadside Weirdside

Visiting Shorehenge

Cemetery Safari:

The Little Lost Cemetery

The Cemetery Between Roads

Giggles In The Graveyard

The Darkness Of The Pines

Old Weird NJ: The Spooks Of High Mountain Preserve

Found Photos: Schuyler Copper Mine, and The Hermitage

The Curious Story Of Boston Corbett

Travels On Kearney Ave. In Old Bridge

More Mott’s Creek

The Strange Ranger Of Clinton Road

The Ghost Child Of McElwee Road

Tearing Down The House That Duke Built

Bar Report: Roxy And Dukes Roadhouse

Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Brains

Signers Of Independence

Jersey Skin

What’s Your Weird Sign?

Visiting “’Hell’s Well’

Ultraviolet Odyssey: Sterling Hill and Franklin Mines

The Ghost Of The Old Tavern

The Ghost Of Passage Point

Ectoplasm In Smithville

Ghosts Ride Through Elberon On Horseback

The Strange Face In The Neumann Leathers Building

The Weird WolfMan Of Worthington State park

Woman Encounters Reptilian Alien

Strange Creature Spotted In Cape May

Black-Eyed Children of the Seventies

The Faceless Man In Roxbury

Wanaque UFO – Fifty Years Later

Alien Visitation In Cape May, 2011

More Mantis Man Sightings Across The Country

The Online Life Of A Pathologists’ Assistant: Mrs_Angemi

New Independent Books From New Jersey

A Photographic Collection Of Light And Color From The Road

Antiquity Echoes: A Photographed Journey Through Abandoned America

X. Ray Burn's Animal Corner

…and MORE!

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