Weird NJ

Weird NJ #47

Get your Weird on! New issue #47 (October 2016-May 2017)

In This Issue:

Phytoplankton Makes NJ Tropical?

Alligators in Jackson

Pedals The Bear Still Alive And Well

Woodbury’s Underground Fires

Love for Middletown’s Buffalo

The Evil Clown Lives

Alleged White Supremacist walking the Pine Barrens

The Piscataway Sandwich Spill

Clinging Jellyfish

“Action Park” name dropped

Masturbating Man in Babbage Park

Weird Things Nailed To Trees

The Mystery Tsunami

Human Skull Turns Up In Cleanup

And Another Skull Turns up in Brick

Woman Keeps Dead Husband at Home

More Mystery Rumbling Noises

Aaron Rodgers sees UFO Over New Jersey

NJ Weedman Back in Court

The NJ Sanatorium and Hagedorn Psychiatric Visit

Journey to the End of Sanatorium Road

The Shadow Over Monmouth: H.P. Lovecraft and the Garden State

X.Ray Burns’s Animal corner

Mysterious Shadows Outside The Window in Rahway

Weird Red Beam Shoots Up in Pedericktown

Englishtown’s Humongous Metal Black Cigar –Shaped UFO

A Dragon Flies Over Tuckahoe

The Unquiet Silence of Selma Mansion

Thomas Edison Was Trying to Build a Machine to Talk to the Dead

Roosevelt Hospital: Abandoned in Menlo Park

Trenton Central High School Gets Knocked Down in Photos

Ricky Syers-Master of Marionettes

The Hidden Lighthouse of Egg Harbor Township

Newly Discovered Photos of the Morro Castle

A Treacherous Journey to find Station Rock

A Weird NJ State of Mind!

The Annals of the Poor: The Site of the Morristown Poor House

Middletown’s Witches Hollow

The Cold Air Cave and Snake-Like Mist in the Delaware Water Gap

The Overbrook Asylum and the Essex Mountain Sanatorium

Dusk in the Herrontown Woods

Historic Structures of the Veblen Farmstead

Jersey Ink: Clifton “Cooch” Gives His Left Arm for Asbury Park

Personalized Property: The Inner Outside World of Matt Fischer

The Mysterious Bridge of Hackensack

The Peace Pilgrim’s 25,000-Mile Hike for Peace

The Self-Master Colony of Union

Edison’s Concrete Houses

The Odd Story of Frederick Crill and his Cabin

The Lady and the Dead: An Update on Knowlton Township’s Jane Doe

What’s Yer Weird Sign?

Hippo Rock

The Crashed Car Woods of River Dale

The Bordentown Love Locks

Fleshy, Scalp-Like Things Nailed To Trees

Dingman’s Ferry Bridge Just a Little Scary

The Not So Common Sanistand at Montclair State University

The Oakhurst Mystery Tower

The Strange and Inscrutable Saga of the Howard Stern Rest Stop

The Legend of Freddie Tree Stump

The History and Loss of the USS Akron

Tales From Chimney Rock

Those who “Bled And D’yd For Liberty From British Tyrants”

…and MORE!!!!

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