Weird NJ

Weird NJ #49

Our New Issue for October 2017


Weird Mail News and Updates

The Palace Of Depression Resurrection

The Strange Ambulance And Airplane In The NJ Woods

The Hands Of Hamilton Ancient Faces Of The Masonic Lodge Basement

Endangered NJ: The Daniel Shoemaker House

A Weird NJ State Of Mind

Entering The Devil’s Drop

Remains Of The Mist Surface

What’s Yer Weird Sign

The Garden Of Glass Eyes

Mystery Folk Artist Sought


Standing Stones Of The Raritan Bay

The Last Days of Bertrand’s Island

Odes To Essex Mountain Sanatoruim

Abandoned And Hazardous In Hawthorne

Vacancy On Route 202

Eric The Viking Celebrates 50 Years

Roadside Weirdside

Notes From A Haunted Courthouse

The Headed Horseman Of River Vale

Cemetery Safari: Finding Phoebe

Weird Travels On Mannheim Avenue

Jersey Ink

Unexplained: Weird Encounter In Galloway, Black Eyed Kid In Atlantic City, A Shamong Thing

Last Stop: Winslow Junction

Delaware River Viaduct

The Fairview Backyard Tunnel Vent

No ‘Bout’ About It: Jersey Derby Is Here To Stay

Borough Hall In Emerson Discovers WPA Art

The Pumpkin House At Hickory Corner

Touring The Former Clark Thread Factory

...and more!

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