Weird NJ

Weird NJ #51

In Issue # 51:

Weird Mail!

Jersey Skin

Weird NJ All Over The World

USS Ling Runs Silent For Good

Fred The Goat

Calico The Clown Update

Johnny’s Bar and Grill in Clifton Closes

Moving the Bayville Dinosaur

Headless Dead Birds In Jersey City

Headless Goat In Elmwood Park

Paddling Across The Hudson

Union Hotel In Flemington gets Historic Recognition

Stay Away From Federal Hill

Manville’s Most Wanted Parking Spot

Kenilworth’s Super Pooper

Taylor Ham Ice Cream?

Fairy Tale Forest Opens As Restaurant

Browns Mills Bigfoot

Urn Washes Ashore in Berkeley Island Park

South Jersey UFO Flap

Mass Shooting Coincidence

Grave Trappings In Hanover

Wilkes Barre Ghost Hunter Busted

The Deep Cut Garden Of Vito Genovese

Searching For The Grey Man

The Garbagelands: Garbage Tales Of The Garden State

The Dumpster And The Dead Body

Recycling The Past

The Great Wall Of Trash In Burlington

What’s Your Favorite Garbage Story?

Overbrook Asylum Last Walk

Artifacts Of A Lost Civilization

Armless In Boonton: John T. Owens

The 1987 Sleep Zone Mystery of Camden

Milltown’s Michelin Plant gone

The Nine Drownings Feeder Dam

Mysteries And Sandals At Helis Farm

The Mystery Of The Red-Headed Sailor Buried Upright

The Triumphant And Tragic Life Of Hermann Winkelmann

The Brooksbrae Brick Factory Of Pasadena

A Ghostly Mystery In Pasadena?

Discovering A Native American Burial Ground

The Banshee In The Cemetery

Cemetery Safari

Sybil’s Cave Update

The Human Gas Powered Rocket

Investigating The Paranormal In Totowa

The Ft. Monmouth Heaviness

Family Tragedy Can Sometimes Leave Spiritual Imprints

The Day That 900 MPH “Thing” Flew Over NJ, 1951

The House Where “Born To Run” Was Born

When The Boss Man Was A Baseman

Springsteen Of The Sea

The Abraham Clark Rock

The Bridge To Nowhere in Fredon

Bird In Hand In Greenbrook

New Body Outline On Essex Road

Something Sphinx In East Brunswick

Memorial In The River In Califon

S.S Atantus: Going, Going…

The Boxes Of Vooris (And Other Stuff)

The Day The Circus Left Town In Wall

A Saturday Night Special In Newark

The Mannequin House of North Brunswick

The Doll House Of Elizabeth

Getting Weird With Bryan Zanisnik

X Ray Burns’ Animal Corner

A Weird NJ State Of Mind

…and more!



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