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Weird NJ #7

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A Time Capsule Curiosity... Unearthed from the Deepest Realms of the Weird NJ Archives... You Asked For It, So We Dug it Up!


We’ve had more inquiries than we care to shake a devil’s tail feather at regarding our early Weird NJ issues. Yes, we realize that rabid collectors want the complete deal, while others just want to see the progression from how and where we started. This special re-issue traces back our humble beginnings to when just a handful of friends knew about our travels.


By 1994 the fanbase was growing and people were sending me their stories. I bought a computer, but in those days I just printed out and pasted up. Nothing was saved to disc or backed up. I would re-arrange right on the boards, not on the screen. It was fun. It was my publishing art project. We would sit around the kitchen table and collate the folded sheets. My wife and I would buy the pizza and get everyone to help out. Amidst the whines and groans from my friends, the issues were stacked, stuffed and sent out.


When Mark and I decided to do a full-fledged-out-from-the-underground magazine about the weirdness that is New Jersey, it was then that the real concept of a Weird NJ “Magazine” was born. Issue #7 was the last issue we produced before computers, before appealing to a mass audience, before we knew what we were getting into. It is not filled with the weirdest sites or strangest tales. It was just a fanzine of two guys with our friends who travel around New Jersey in search of its weirdly odd landscapes.


Some of the stories contained in issue #7 have been reprinted in more recent issues, but this is a faithful reproduction (typos and all) of an issue that first appeared in 1996, and has been out of print and unavailable for years now. This issue is presented as an historical document, a time capsule curiosity, reprinted by popular demand. It is not intended for general distribution to outlets, but just for the fans. It is only available through Weird NJ for a limited time. –Mark S.




In Search Of Midgetville

NJ’s Most Evilest Clown

Mysterious Monk’s Castle

Phantom Rider Of The Belleville Pike

Big Cats In Middlesex

Piranhas In The Musconetcong

Goats On The Lawn

Murder Over Spilt Beer

Biting Off Ears

Albert Einstein’s Eyeballs

Stolen Skulls

Unusual Creature

Balls Of Light

The Strange Family Of The Woodbridge Claypits

The Morse Family Plot

My Battle With The Jersey Devil

The candy Striped House

The batmobile

Aliens At Barnegat Light

The pemberton Wedge

The One-Legged Man at Menz

The World’s Largest Bear

The Last Remaining Marconi Tower

The Search For Liberty Photos

The Howard Stern Reststop

Murder Along The Morris Canal

Archie’s Resale Shop

The Sussex Farm Maze

Haunted Raritan Library

Flight 19 Pilot’s Last Home

A Burger named Bruno

The original Addam’s Family House

Opening The NJ S.I.T.U Files

Unearthing The Secrets Of The NJ Underground

The Edison Concrete House

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