Weird NJ

Weird NJ #8


Meet The Cult Of The Wavers: Waving Joe And Waving Willie

Demon's Alley

The Chapel Of The Dead Nun In Morristown

The Tomb Of The 12 Nuns

The Vampire Man Of Wanaque Ave.

The Cliff At Dey Hills

Albino Village


The Cow's Grave

Cheeta The Chimp And Leo The Lion's Grave

The Lizard Man

Mysterious Cats

The Five Legged Frog

The Chicken With The Human Face

The Beast Of Lake Hopatcong

The Legend Of The Mysterious Jackson Whites

The Man On The Roof

The Cookie

Jar House

The House The Blind Man Built

The Ripped Off House

Swallowing Snakes And Vomiting Lizards

The Legend Of Red And

The Tube Bar

Midgetville Found

The Rt 1 Grave

The Mercedes Gravestone

The World's Greatest Electrician

The Ghosts Of The Union Hotel

Yagoo's Road

Indian Curse Road

Shades Of Death Road

Heartbeat Road

Gravity Road

The Cat's Eyes Of St. Josephs

Caldwell's Mystery Thread

The Morris Stonehenge

Garfield Rock


Strange Tubes In Red Bank

Nike Missile Bases

Where Dutch Schultz Got It

The Nutley Statue House

Boiardo: The Godfather Of Suburbia

Touring New Jersey Underground

Wanaque Ufo Sightings

The Cave Grave

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