Weird NJ

Weird NJ #9


More Wavers: Elvis, King Of The Road

Mysterious Castle In Oakland

More Weird News

Skulldiggery: What They're Digging Up In The Graveyards

Abandoned Cemeteries

The Gates Of Hell

Strange Garrett Mountain

Satanic Church

The Zombie House

The Screaming Sign

The Head

The Image Of Satan Cast

The Patty List Party

Touring Abandoned Mental Hospitals

The Rail Car Graveyard

Cemetery Safari

The Glowing Grave

The Green Light Cemetery

The Hamilton Death Rock

The Hillside Cemetery Spill Of 1902

The Scratching Fear

Little Willie And The Clown Tree

Mysterious Grave Marker In Gillette

Lad, A Dead Dog

Crematory Hill

The Murder Mystery Of Rahway

The Grave Of Robert Erskine

Frankie Lymons Tombstone In Clifton

Interview With Sgobba Stone Cutters

Ghosts Of New Jersey

Yellow Frame Church

The Hookman Lights

Spy House Museum

In Search Of The Wallet Man: Antoine Le Blanc

13 Bumps Road

Gravity Hill In Monmouth

The Road With The Roses

The Short Hills Locks

The Death Seat At The Old Canal Inn

The Smallest House In NJ

The Face In The Wall

The Elephant House Of The Palisades

The Devil's Dancing Grounds

Sodom's Stone Rings

UFOs: It Came From Paterson

The Big Hairy Man

The Woodbury Suicide Club

The Odd Picture

The Hoboken Monkeyman

Mystery Apes

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