Weird NJ

Weird NJ #10


Satan's Hotlist Of Hangouts In NJ: Satan's Throat

Devil's Tower

Devil Tree

Devil's Hole

Devil's Den

Devil's Half Acre

Abandoned New Jersey: Jungle Habitat


Crystal Lake

Macdonald Beach

Bud's Grave

A Newark Cemetery Story

The Zip: What Is It?

Interview Of The Century: Charles Lindbergh Jr

Demon's Alley Revisited

R. Stevie Moore

Weird Tales From Clinton Road

Split Rock Road

The Doll House Of Salem Street

The Headless House Of Hopewell

The Lawn Of 2,093 Milk Bottles

The Rabbit Tree

The Rocking Horse House Aka The Bowling Ball House

White Mannas

The Cow With The Window In Its Stomach

Crop Circles

The High Bridge Incident

The Stone Living Room

The Tube Bar Callers Exposed

Mystery Vegetables

Skulls Beneath The Floorboards

Jokey's Ditch

Strange Doings In Red Bank

The Avenel Axe Lady

Mental Ed

A Visit To "Mother"

Greenlight Cemetery Again

Hoboken's Phantom Bridge

Wantage Totem Pole History

The Cat's Eyes Revisited

Clifton's House Of Electrical Fires

Mystery Footsteps In Lakehurst

The Bubble Bear

More Wanaque UFOs

The Birdman Of The Pulaski Skyway

And That Giant Beer Bottle!

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