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Weird Virginia - Hardcover

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Continuing on their mission to unveil the true weirdness of America, Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman, the masterminds behind the Weird book series are now expanding their searches into the great state of Virginia.

Weird Virginia, like all the books in the Weird series, is filled with stories about unusual people and amazing sights. Abandoned places, cursed roads, friendly and not-so-friendly ghosts, bizarre personal properties, and eye-catching roadside oddities are all here, all for you, and all very weird.

As you travel through the pages of Weird Virginia beware:

The Octagon house, all six (yes, six) haunted sides of it.

Phantom Lovers of the Great Dismal Swamp

Midgetville along Northern VA’s Old Dominion Trail

The “Norfolk” Experiment

Legend of the Wampus Cat

Prince William County’s Mothman

The House Made Out of Bottles

Black Aggie

Victims haunting Elbow Road just east of Chesapeake

And much, much more!

This anthology of weirdness offers a taste of the wonder and mystery that lurks around every twist and turn as you travel the roads of Virginia. Fortunately, the Weird VA team’s fascination with the bizarre empowered them to spread out across Virginia to continue their search for all things weird. Some of the tales you’ll read are disturbing, others are hilarious, but all are very, very weird.



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